Two Drink Minimum FFXIV PAX Giveaway

Hey everyone! Two Drink Minimum is happy to announce our very first contest! Now, it is specific to those that play Final Fantasy XIV but anyone can enter! With us celebrating our one year on YouTube and PAX East 2016 coming up, we wanted to do something special. Some of our most popular games are Final Fantasy XIV so we wanted to keep giving to the community.

So the quick and dirty: starting on Friday at 10:00 AM EDT, you can enter into our contest through First place get a Fat Cat plushie and a Razer DeathAdder mouse, second gets a Fat Cat plushie as well, and third get $25 USD towards the MogStation. The contest end on Saturday, April 30th at 11:59:59 PM EDT. We’ll be announcing the winners on Monday, May 2nd.

How it’ll work: First place will have their mouse shipped out to them once shipping info is exchanged, and the Fat Cat plushies will be shipped out once they are actually released (this is from our own personal pre-order). For third place, they’ll give us a list of things they want from the MogStation (totaling up to $25 USD), we’ll buy them, then send them the codes for it.

Gaming Mistress will be giving out job buttons during the weekend, specifically at the Square Enix booth and the Final Fantasy XIV panel line so follow her on Twitter @GamingMistress to see where she’s at!

Two Drink Minimum is where games and alcohol spend quality time together, hosted by GamingMistress (@2DM_GM) and Jimizzle (@2DM_Jim), so grab a drink and prepare for the worse!