UnEpic Playstation 4 Review

UnEpic is a tabletop adventure come to digital NES style.  It is a relentless platforming dungeon crawl that feels very rewarding along the way.  It holds back no punches at referencing various nerd cultures such as X-Men, SpaceBalls, and Star Wars to name a few.

The game starts in the middle of a Dungeons And Dragons quest, and launches from there after your character Daniel has to take a break from the table.   I do have to say that their Dungeons and Dragons session was quite tame compared to the sessions that I have had and have seen.  After a short walk to the bathroom, Daniel finds himself in the middle of a castle, a long way from his friends, and his dice.  Within the first few moments your character is possessed by a spirit, who cannot control Daniel, and therefore is stuck in him.  This sprit which is now stuck in Daniel, can only talk to Daniel, attempting to get him killed so he can be released.  This results in entertaining moments throughout the game between Daniel, Zera, and some witty cameo’s such as “The Oracle” who turns out to be a little green pointy eared Muppet you may know.

The map of the castle is filled in as you wander through the castle looking for the next quest objective lighting torches, candles, and braises alike in order to see the full map.   This also allows you to see what is in the rooms with you, and when you come back to the room, what has spawned in its place. This allows for various challenges and some trophies which I am now dedicated to getting.

The castle is very non-linear, and requires you to re-visit areas after a boss battle to open a new part of the castle, filled with more enemies that are trying to kill you.  This also allows for quick travel from one place to another. Though it pulls no punches in its learning curve.  There is little to no hand holding aside from the opening tutorials and a few scattered ones, which sometimes appeared several minutes after I had already figured out what I was trying to do.  I wandered around the castle for a significant amount of time to find the first door I had to open once I had a key for it.

Character creation is a very important feature in any RPG/Tabletop game, and UnEpic has plenty of it.  Instead of a set skill set, it gives you options such as a sword, an axe, bow, potion, amor, etc., in which you can dump points to increase your current level.

Combat in the game can be tricky, at times due to some unbalanced combat situations.  To survive some, the best tactic is to simply turn and break line of sight, in which the enemies will eventually stop, and you can run up and continue the beating.  Needless to say, it is a bit easier to survive some fights using magic instead of a more sword and armor type of fighting.  Although the death music is a very metal Organ Toccata by Bach. There is a very retro platforming feel to the game.

 Final Verdict:

UnEpic is a tabletop RPG that does not hold your hand.  It has the best parts of platforming, while at the same time, is a relentless dungeon crawl, filled with Zombies, Orcs and our favorite little green friend. The game is obviously a fan of platformers and RPGs alike, and it comes through in the game.  Though combat can be broken at times, and the lack of any sort of direction around the map, the self-aware sense of humor, the deep custom character creation, and the retro feel, make the game quite enjoyable.

Score:  8.5/10

Former competitive Halo Coach, and former Microsoft Fan Boy. He is also a self proclaimed Star Wars Guru. He can be reached either on twitter at @OhMyApollo or Apollo@MammothGamers.com