Walking Dead Finale: Swing…And A Miss

So… Negan is finally on the show.  After being in the comics for close to 5 years now, the big bad boogie man has made his appearance in the show and well…it sucked.


Leave now to avoid Walking Dead Finale spoilers….You have been warned.


The Walking Dead has been a staple of cable television since it’s premiere back in October of 2010.  6 seasons later, we have one of the biggest TV shows of all time and a cast that every person who watches is “going to riot” if they get killed.  Let me tell you, as a fan of the comic book for over a decade now, the show just committed the most unforgivable sin.  The season 6 finale was the first nail in the coffin for a show that seemed to be on an upswing in this seasons success.  The past 8 episodes were pretty well done, full of action and set up for the biggest show down on cable.

And then they pull a Sopranos.  They copped out.

Season 6 was set up on the premise that there was a bigger world out there and that they could survive and live like human beings again.  Being inside the walls of Alexandria made them all feel safe and human again for the first time since they reached the prison and even more so because there was a community. This season really set that up well and set up the conflict with the saviors even more so.  They built up this finale more so than any other show has on television.

Here’s were I get pissed.  Show runner Scott Gimple stated that this finale was going to be brutal, that they had to shoot TWO different endings because they couldn’t show one of them on television again and that there would be “creative ways” to get around Negan’s swearing habits.  Andrew Lincoln said that he felt sick to his stomach after reading the finale and that some of the cast members cried.  Robert Kirkman said that this was one of the best introductions to a villain of any TV show.

All of that was money grabbing, selfish bullcrap.

After watching this episode, I do feel sick to my stomach but its because Robert Kirkman and Scott Gimple sold out.  They put 10 minutes of story into an hour and a half show and spoon fed us commercials every 7 minutes to “make the tension grow.” Tensions were already high because we had to go through the last 6 episodes wondering when the new big bad guy would show up.  Should have guessed, in typical Walking Dead fashion, he showed up with 10 minutes left in the show.

Watching Negan be introduced in a circle of saviors, with fire all around, Rick on his knees looking more scared than ever before showed a lot.  Negan was not to be messed with and that Rick and his crew were totally screwed.  There was no way around it, someone had to die.  That part set up one of the most iconic comic book scenes, that Kirkman wrote, in probably all of comic book history.  If you don’t know, which by now everybody knows, someone gets the receiving end of Lucille and they absolutely do not make it out alive.

With that said, the TV show had all of the right avenues to do this perfectly.  And they completely messed it up.  They not only did not have Negan’s potty mouth on display but they pulled a Simpsons and left the season on a hack job kind of cliff hanger (who killed Mr. Burns?!). They went point of view style and killed someone in the group and did not show a single bit of it.  They had Negan front and center, going to town on someones noggin, blood dripping down the screen. They then faded to black with the sounds of someones skulls being smashed to bits.  To me, that is a slap in the face. That is quite possibly the worst way to end a season, not because it left me wanting more but because it left me completely in the dark and ruined what could have been the greatest single scene in the show.  A show laced with brutality, raw emotion and of course, blood and guts, decided to do bad by the fans and turn season 6 finale into an hour and a half long advertisement for season 7.

Shame on you AMC for sending that crap out.  Shame on you Scott Gimple for caving to pressure and not putting out a good product. Most of all, shame on you Robert Kirkman, for letting corporate greed ruin an amazing scene that you wrote and turn it into whatever the hell that was last night.  You might have made some money, but I think you’ve lost a fan.  I not only am pissed, I am ready to move on because shows like Game of Thrones or Daredevil have the guts to kill people.  And I feel, The Walking Dead has lost it’s spine.  If that’s the way you bring in one of the best characters on your show, I don’t want to see the rest of it.


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