What is Don’t Starve?

Memento mori is a phrase when translated means ‘remember you must die’ and in Don’t Starve you will die…a lot. Don’t Starve was created by Klei Entertainment. With it’s Tim Burton like art it has become popular among fans of the survival game genre. Its popularity has spawned two expansions: Reign of Giants, Ship Wrecked and its multiplayer version Don’t Starve Together has just left steam greenlight and is now available for purchase on steam. It also has been ported to the console titled Don’t Starve Giant edition which for Wii U owners allows a companion map on the Wii U control.

There are a variety of characters to play, the default starting character is called Wilson who is a Gentleman Scientist.

The game also contains unlockable characters that the player can get by either finding rare items or by surviving a certain number of days. The expansions also introduce new characters as well as new materials, new animals and new monsters.

The world of Don’t Starve is always random generated.In addition to needing food, the player must also maintain their sanity. The world also has seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. During these seasons items such as crops and rabbits may not be as readily available. In the colder seasons, Players must remember to keep warm or they will freeze to death. Nighttime is always dangerous no matter the season so it is important to always have a fire or some light source when in the dark.

Collecting crafting items leads to the creation of items that can help the player to better survive in the world by creating better weapons and protections to be used to fight against the boss monsters that roam the lands.

Death is permanent in this game as well. If the player dies, the save game data is erased.

If you enjoy open world survival games give Don’t Starve a look you won’t be disappointed. It is available on Steam, PC, Linux, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation Vita, iOS

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