Star Wars Games For May The Fourth

Star Wars Games For May The Fourth

The Force (or The Fourth, for today) is with us all when it comes to Star Wars we have had some great Star Wars games. Let’s take a look at some memorable Star Wars games for May The Fourth, Star Wars Day!

Star Wars: Masters Of Teräs Käsi

In this fighting themed Star Wars game for the PlayStation, LucasArts revolved the story around the mysterious Arden Lyn, who was a master of the art of Teräs Käsi. She lead her evil group along with the enemies of the Empire against the Rebellion. Characters included Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Boba Fett, and many more. The game was insanely difficult and gave me fits, but it was Star Wars, and it was a fighting game and that was all that mattered to me when I played it.

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Star Wars Jedi Academy will always hold a special place in the force for me. Creating your own Jedi, and building your powers to become the ultimate force user was great, but what was even more fun was crafting your lightsaber. In the game, you had the ability to choose from a single bladed lightsaber, a dual bladed lightsaber Darth Maul style, two lightsabers in each hand (each saber could be a different color). The game had an amazing multiplayer and a great storyline as well. It was the ultimate Star Wars game for anyone who had dreams of being a Jedi (or Sith).


Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

Star Wars is known for its engaging storyline and storytelling and Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic (KOTOR) has probably the best story driven element ever found in a Star Wars game. Decisions you make in the game have a strong influence on whether you end up with the dark side of the force, or the light side. Using Bioware’s RPG elements, there’s no doubt that Star Wars: The Old Republic is a game that every true fan needs to play.

Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds

If you like strategy based games, Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds is a game that you should check out. Use resources in the world to create buildings aimed at creating weapons, ships, stormtroopers, and more. There are even mods in the game that included the ability to add heroes in the game to fight alongside your quest for supreme domination of the galaxy. Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds has been out for almost two decades, but it’s a real time strategy game that still plays well today. If your computer supports it, check it out!


Star Wars Battlefront

Fight for the Empire or Fight for the Alliance – the choice is yours in Star Wars Battlefront. The highly anticipated game from EA has been a staple this year adding support for new characters and new maps including Jakku. The online play is fierce, and competitive. If you like shooters, and you like Star Wars there’s no doubt that this is the game for you.

There are a ton of other Star Wars games but these ones I have highlighted are ones that have a lasting memory on my childhood, teenage years, college years, and today. There are a ton of others that I have purposely left off this list for you to comment on and tell your memories of.  What are some of your favorite Star Wars games? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or send us a tweet. And of course, May The Fourth Be With You!

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