Has Nintendo Gone Too far?

Has Nintendo Gone Too far?


Nintendo has been a staple of gaming for over a decade. A company that began as a playing card business; expanded into the realm of video games that turned their characters into popular icons. Nintendo have fallen under some scrutiny with YouTubers as of late. It isn’t because of the amazing and wonderful games they have released or their inventive ways to bring people together. The problem is with Nintendo’s attempts to control its IP.


Awhile back, Nintendo struck against YouTubers who released full play through of their most recent Zelda game. They are citing that players who watched the videos would not be inclined to buy the title and play the game for themselves. While this is a valid point on a Corporate stance. Nintendo took the idea a step further by making YouTubers sign up for their service to gain permission to be allowed to upload their videos on YouTube. Nintendo then demanded a large percentage of the ad revenue from the videos. Many think that is chump change when they think about popular YouTubers such as Pewdiepie and Markiplier. But when you look at other YouTubers who are just as popular, the cut takes away a large portion of their primary source of income. After much press and anger from fans Nintendo took a step back from that policy and all was peaceful once more.

Some YouTubers found loopholes in the rules by playing older titles such as Super Mario Bros or by not monetizing the videos. Nintendo has yet to strike out against these. No one believes that they ever can or will.

The issue of Nintendo attempting to control it’s IP has reared its ugly head once more. Nintendo will now issue copyright notices on Minecraft videos that feature their iconic character Mario in them. While it’s only Minecraft in Nintendo’s cross hairs this move could have unseen repercussions. There are thousands of videos that have Mario featured in them. For example Starbomb, a popular band that makes video game rock videos; uses all the iconic characters from Nintendo.They currently have two animated videos featuring Mario in them. There are also many fan made videos with Mario in them. Will Nintendo go over that line and start attacking those videos in an effort to show they are not just attacking Minecraft that is now a Microsoft product? What about those that attend conventions dressed as the Mario Brothers? What about fan art and web comics featuring Mario? As we’ve seen before Nintendo keeps pushing a line with their fan base by trying to control their IP to a level never seen before by other companies.  One has to wonder if this will be the time that Nintendo pushes too far and completely loses their beloved fan base once and for all?

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