DOOM Single Player Review

DOOM Single Player Review
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When I was a kid Doom was my safe harbor. If I had a rough day at school from being bullied, just the course work in general, adding in I was a teenager, my mother (of all people) did not understand me, and trying to mold me into something I clearly was not – I would come home fire up my Sega and spend hours ripping through hordes of demons with the chainsaw until all the rage and stress was gone. It was bar none one of the best shooters in that day. I drove my Dad insane because he would hear the noise of the chainsaw echoing through the house and find out the source was from me playing in the game room.


As I got older my tastes in video games wandered from first person shooters to RPGs and fighting games, but I never forgot Doom. It, among other games, remains in a very special place in my heart.

A decade later Wolfenstein was brought back from the dead with New Order. It was glorious, it was brutal, and it was sadly disappointing. It was not my favorite “run through the halls with massively huge guns murdering all the Nazis I could find” game. Instead it was some sort of weird version of Metal Gear with sneaking missions galore. You don’t sneak in Wolfenstein! You blow shit to hell and back while firing rockets at Nazi Soldiers.

When Id Software announced DOOM with their simple trailer I jumped out of my chair and cheered. My old friend was coming back shiny and new, but after playing Wolfenstein and it’s DLC…I was a bit hesitant. I feared that Id Software would tarnish what DOOM was and make it into some kind of monster that it wasn’t. I had the honor, as many did, to play the Alpha and Betas but my worry only increased as they only showcased the multiplayer. While fun and interesting, it wasn’t what I wanted to see, I wanted to see the single player and how that story was going to work. I was terrified that my 60 bucks was just spent on something called DOOM but it was to be an FPS multiplayer focused game.  I was wrong.

My friend lives once more; a brutal ugly beast of violence and carnage that made me cheer at each glory kill I preformed. The landscape of Mars and the bases are inspired by the sci-fi movies Total Recall and Aliens. Everything makes sense in this world and how it all works. The art is just beautiful; I could stare at the Mars landscape and watch the wind whip the sand for hours. The demons are awesome, fast, and deadly; each with their own unique mechanics. The story line hails from the movies of old and I can’t wait to play more of it.


The weapons are glorious. You start with a pistol, then find a shotgun, then the heavy assault gun, and of course my dear, old friend, the chainsaw.

The kills in this game are just as they should be – gory and at the same time just beautiful. I doubt I will get ever tired of seeing them over and over as the game progresses.


The levels are a challenge finding new tactics to beat the already difficult demons that want me as a snack or maybe some odd human flesh suit because you never know a demon may want a new look after sometime.

If they port this game to VR, it will be a terrifying experience with the jump scares and just the claustrophobic feeling of the rooms themselves.

The single player has a good standing for replay value considering the secrets and challenges you can unlock with each mission. Perhaps you might be too busy to jump on the multiplayer to even give it a glance which, in my opinion, isn’t a bad thing.

If you were looking for the DOOM that you loved and cherished, it has come back to us even more beautiful than I could ever imagine.  

I give this game a 10/10 for the Single Player mode.

Score:  10/10 Perfect

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