Indie Games You Aren’t Playing Week 4

Indie Games You Aren’t Playing Week 4

Here we go, some more Indie games for you to check out. In Week 4 we’re doing a twofer. Let’s have a look at our games shall we?

Depth (Steam, PC)

Developer: Digital Confectioners


For fans of the Jaws movie franchise and are looking for new and exciting ways to get your friends to scream like a bunch of Bieber fans at a concert then Depth is the game for you. A four vs two multiplayer game, that had a simple beginning when it was released on steam early access. Two sharks hunted and killed the divers out seeking the treasure in the dark depths below. As the game grew the developers overhauled the graphics, added new maps, new game types and oh yeah different species of sharks each with their own terrifying specials to aid in murdering anything that gets in their way, the divers were given new looks and better weapons to hopefully delay their fate as becoming a snack for a hangry shark. The sharks are played in third person while the divers get a first person view to give the player the idea of what it’s like to get mauled by a shark. The first person also adds a layer of terror as the divers are lowered into the darkness not knowing where or when the sharks will come out and grab them.


Monument valley (IOS, Android,Windows Phone)

Developer: Ustwo


What the heck is a mobile game doing on this article? Simple, because it’s an amazing game with an interesting story. The player plays a princess who must solve each puzzle to advance to the next level and recover her crown. This game doesn’t just use the 2d space but the 3d space as well allowing the player to rotate the whole level, as well as move and slide pieces needed to help the princess along. This game will give you hours of exercise to your brain and completely kill your productivity at work. The main game is free to download and the DLC Forgotten Shores is available by purchase in the event you find yourself needing more puzzles to solve.


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