2016 E3 EA Press Conference Recap

For the most part we knew what to expect from EA this year, we would see Battlefield 1, we would see Titanfall 2, you’d get your update on Mass Effect and the Star Wars games, this years version of the sports games and we’d all just move on to the next conference, right? Almost. While all of those expected updates were seen we did get a couple of things that were more unexpected.  Here’s a recap of he EA Press Conference.

This conference was actually hosted in two separate places at the same time. The main conference took place in Los Angeles and the simulcast was in London. Therefore, some of the announcements came from Peter Moore in the London location and the others came from the LA site.

The first announcement came from Vince Zampella from Respawn showing a quick Titanfall 2 multiplyer demo. The demo was entertaining and showed off some of the mechs and maps that players will see in the game. You can see that demo below.

At the conclusion of the multiplayer demo, Zampella introduced the single player trailer that leaked earlier today.

Following the Titanfall 2 announcement, the scene shifted to the first of two sports games that would be featured during the conference, Madden 17.

There were a few details given related to Madden, but the trailer was used as more of an intro for new competitive EA events. There are three tiers of these EA events. Challenger events are the smallest of the three and are usually put on by the community. Premier events are a step up from Challenger events and are moderated by EA. The largest events are the EA Majors. These are put on by EA, and are essentially the events that have been taking place for the last several years. EA is trying to promote a healthy competitive atmosphere and this is their attempt at that. EA also brought out Stan Verett of ESPN to introduce the top 8 Madden players that are partaking in the upcoming Madden championships.

The focus then shifted to Mass Effect: Andromeda. Aaryn Flynn came out to discuss the new entry in the series and offered up a trailer giving us a glimpse of the behind the scenes process of making this game. It offered up a couple of new details but if you are eagarly anticipating the arrival of this game then this probably wasn’t enough to satiate your appetite.

Viewers were introduced to a new way that EA is giving back to the greater gaming community with a program called “EA Play to Give”. EA will be donating $1 million dollars to five different charities and all gamers need to do is participate in different challenges in their games. The charities and the challenges can be found at http://www.ea.com/play2016/play-to-give.

The conference’s focus shifted back to games and we were then introduced to the next iteration of the highest selling sports games in the world, FIFA 17. I personally don’t play the FIFA games, but this year they are introducing a feature that will definitely make me reconsider that stance. This year FIFA is introducing players to “The Journey”. This is an NBA 2k-esq career mode, that seems to add a dose of drama to being a professional soccer player.

So far in the conference there have been some announcements in terms of non-gaming related news, but for the most part these were the announcements we saw coming. The next announcement introduced us to something that, to the best of my knowledge, hadn’t been seen before. Patrick Sederlund came out on stage and introduced us to a new aspect of EA called “EA Originals”. EA Originals is a haven for smaller game developers. This program was built off of the success of Unraveled which released earlier this year. We were also introduced to one of the games being considered and EA Orginial, “Fe”, from Zoink studios. Fe appears to be a 3rd person/creature open world game that carries a focus on communication without words and exploration. The trailer is below.

STAR WARS! That’s right, the next item on the agenda was the Star Wars universe and the multitude of games being made at this very moment. The video was essentially acted as a check-in with all of the studios that are currently working on a new Star Wars game.

Finally, the show ended with more information around the newest entry in the Battlefield franchise, “Battlefield 1”. This take on world war 1 has been one of the most intriguing game trailers released in quite some time. Everyone wants to know how the Battlefield gameplay is going to fit in a world war 1 setting. Well, the trailer they released and the hour long gameplay demo shows that it should work just fine.

This ended the EA Press conference. Short but sweet. There’s no doubt EA is releasing some of the most anticipated games, but its their new endeavors that I’m the most curious about. I look forward to seeing how the challenge tiers roll out and it is always exciting to see a large company give back to the community. This was a good way to kick of E3 2016.




I've been playing video games since the age of 2. I enjoy RPG's, sports games, racing games especially, but I appreciate games from all genre's. I have a deep respect for where video games come from, and will always consider the SNES the greatest gaming system ever. I'm excited to see what the future holds for video games and am always looking to learn more about this great industry!