2016 E3 Bethesda Press Conference Recap

2016 E3 Bethesda Press Conference Recap

We are excited to kick off E3 with major software company Bethesda as Morgan Webb and Adam Sessler were back to help announce the Bethesda E3 lineup and all the new games/products #BE3 has to offer.  Before the show even started we had a strong new trailer for Dishonored 2, which showcased sick killer robots, time stopping and amazing looking graphics was the main focus of the end of the show but we got a small sneak peak in the beginning. The video shows us playing as two characters, with two different play styles, and of course, different powers.  First impressions to me were that it looked almost like an Assassins Creed but a supernatural twist.  More was to come later in the show but they announced that it comes out November 11th, 2016.

The show opens with the trailer for Quake Champions, which has been highly discussed as returning with the success of Doom.  The trailer shows a variety of fighting between a couple of characters, which looks like will be showcased in a PvP format as the totality of the game.  Exciting new ways to murder your friends is what I took away! Quake was an amazing game, and it is still played today, mostly in the tournament field.  I remember Quake as a kid, killing demons, opponents and even pigs (strange I know).  This new chapter in Quake offers new characters, 120 Hz with unlocked frame rates for graphics and limitless tournament opportunities.  Look for more info at Quakecon in August.

Next up on the list was The Elder Scrolls Legends Strategy Card Game, which came stacked with a creepy one eyed owl that told the story of how you as a player will tell the tale of a hero trying to save the Elder Scrolls universe from impending doom.  Laid out in the game play portion, choices change the game and affect you later in the game as it is a turn based card game.  Not a ton of information was released but we do know that the beta will be available to people who sign up on their website and it will be released on Mac, Windows, iPad and Android platforms.


Following Elder Scrolls we had a small demo of what was to come in Fallout 4’s future and how you can personalize your game.  New Vault tech expansions will allow players to create their own vault with various aspects such as space manipulation, experimenting on vault dwellers and making a home for your Fallout 4 Characters.  On top of that, we also will be getting another expansion in August in the form of Nuka World.  Looks like a roller coaster of emotions! (Pun definitely intended.)  Set in what looks to be a former theme park, this expansion seems to be a blast!


Right after Fallout 4, we got news of a Elder Scrolls: Skyrim remaster!!!!!!!  HELL YEAH.  Coming soon to PS4 and Xbox One we will see one of the best games I have ever played, remastered on current generation hardware.   Stocked with better graphics and mods, this looks to be a high seller for Bethesda.  Scheduled to come out in October 2016, be on the lookout for this masterpiece of a game.

Next up we saw a beautiful looking game, with action, horror and Sci-Fi all mixed into one.  Prey looked to be an amazing space game where you are an experiment and you have to fight your way through aliens and to be honest, it looks sick!  More to come at Quakecon and it is set to launch next year but be sure to check out the trailer!

Doom got a bit of news, new updates with fresh new modes, a DLC with new maps and even a new playable demon.  Looks to be a solid addition onto a successful game.  As a marketing tactic to get more people playing Doom, starting 6/12 going to 6/19 people on PC, PS4 and XB1 can download and play the first level of Doom for free.

Elder Scrolls online next in line for this crazy conference.  This year we will see some new content for Elder Scrolls online, with new quests, new bad guys and even more mudcrabs.  June 23rd Elder Scrolls is opening up to Japan, and more international game play which is exciting for our friends overseas.  Dark Brotherhood DLC is coming soon and Bethesda showed off the DLC in a world wide release of its trailer during the conference.  Full of murder, assassinations and crazy new ways to slay your enemies, this trailer had new and exciting experiences in the vast world of Tamriel .  Also announced something called “One Tamriel” which allows players to explore the vast lands in Elder Scrolls without worrying about levels.  Allows players to see all of the different lands and explore with friends of all different levels without getting crushed by the bad guys.

Most interesting of the conference, in my opinion was Bethesda VR being announced, with demos at E3.  Doom in VR, looking at Hell and playing the game in first person seems badass.  On top of Doom, Fallout 4 was also announced to be able to be played on the HTC Vibe in 2017 in its full glory.  A great step in the next direction for VR in my opinion.  Open world, first person gaming is something in the future that we will see more of and Bethesda wants to be a leader in that world.

dishonored 2

Last in this jam packed show is Dishonored 2 game play.  First glance, the game looks a lot like Bioshock with its people, buildings and style however, this game looks super polished and kind of creepy.  Huge world, made possible by custom game engines and developers say this also helps stealth game play significantly.   Developers gave a great deal of detail in the city and the creators want you to explore and enjoy the surroundings.   Story goes as such; you are trying to unravel a conspiracy, you try to flee your home and make your way to a place called Carnaka.  Your goal is to find the people behind trying to over throw your government and stop the forces behind it all. Obviously, there is a lot more to this but this is the basic storyline.  Gameplay looks smooth, allowing for people to check their surroundings and interact with other characters in the game.  Stealth kills are quick and exciting, allowing players to explore rooftops and other parts of the city that wasn’t a part of the original Dishonored.  I really feel like this game really is reminiscent of Assassins Creed but with better graphics, supernatural powers and all in the first person.  Powers have a great deal to do with this game, as the gameplay showed off Emily’s domino effect and shadow walk which only enhance the games stealth killing and fun game play.  Along with this game coming out in November, if you preorder Dishonored 2 early, you get the original Dishonored definitive edition. Check out the gameplay trailer on their website as well.

Overall, I would give this conference a solid B+ in grade but I know people wanted more.  I think Dishonored 2 is a great reveal and the VR stuff looks to be some amazing as well.  Personal favorite announcement was the Skyrim remaster because I put so much time into that game.  Be sure to be on the look out for more E3 news on Mammoth Gamers!

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