BioShock Twitter Page Created; Game Announcement To Follow?

Update 2 Confirmed:  And it’s official:

Update 1:  It appears that the BioShock Collection was briefly displayed on 2K’s official website but was taken down.  The image capture below is from NeoGaf:

BioShock The Collection Incoming?

Original Story:  It has been quite sometime since we have had a new BioShock game (since 2013 with the release of Infinite) but something this afternoon appeared that may be the signs of a new title to be announced.  A new Twitter page has been created and has since had their first few tweets asking fans to follow the page.  No word on if this is the official and verified Twitter account and it has not been identified as such on the page as well, but indications point to it being legit.  We’ve reached out to 2K to find out the legitimacy of the Twitter page and we’ll update this post if we hear anything back from them.  Until then, the question remains, does this mean a new game is under development?  Stay tuned to Mammoth Gamers for more on this breaking story!

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