Ed Boon Sends Series Of MKXL Polls; Kombat Pack 3 Imminent?

Ed Boon Sends Series Of MKXL Polls; Kombat Pack 3 Imminent?

UPDATE 6/24/16:  Even more teases – Ed Boon continues the tease of Kombat Pack 3 for Mortal Kombat X!  It definitely sounds imminent now!

Notice the letters EVO capitalized?  Sounds like something big might be going down at EVO next month.  Stay tuned – we’ll be on top of it!

Original Article from 4/18/16:

Ed Boon is a very cryptic person on Twitter.  He previously announced that a huge announcement was coming that sent fans in a frenzy thinking that another Kombat Pack for Mortal Kombat XL was on the way.  However, the announcement turned out to be a gaming tournament for $50K.

But over this past weekend, Boon sent out a series of poll questions to fans ranging from, “Who did you miss most in MKXL?” to, “Which female character did you miss most in MKXL?”  as seen below in the images grabbed from his Twitter account, @noobed.

2016-04-18 10_19_33-Ed Boon on Twitter_ _Who did you miss the most in MKXL __


2016-04-18 10_22_30-Ed Boon on Twitter_ _Which female fighter did you miss the most in MKXL__

It’s hard to tell why Ed Boon is asking fans which fighters we miss most in MK XL but it could be possible that he is conducting a poll in order to determine which fighters to include if there is indeed going to be a Kombat Pack 3 sometime down the road.  Anything is possible, but as we know when it comes to Ed Boon, he loves to tease the fans when it comes to his games with future development.  And that, is exactly what we have here.  What do you guys think?  Let us know what you think in the comments below, and let the Kombat Pack 3 debate begin!


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