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PlayStation Neo: A Marketing Disaster

by on June 21, 2016

Despite PlayStation having a phenomenal show at E3 last week, one thing was blatantly missing: the PlayStation Neo console. Andrew House and company had decided to back out of showing the new console to the public while still acknowledging that the console existed. Fast forward to the Xbox Press Conference at the end of the show where Microsoft officially announced Project Scorpio and has dawned it with the title of, “most powerful console of all-time”. Now here Sony sits with their collective jaws dropped not expecting the announcement of Project Scorpio by Microsoft without a trump card in their hand. Project Scorpio clearly blindsided PlayStation Neo, and PlayStation Neo has become somewhat of a marketing disaster.


Think about PlayStation’s press conference last week. While Andrew House mentioned that the PlayStation Neo wouldn’t make an appearance at Sony’s E3 press event, he did not mention that the Neo wouldn’t be mentioned at the event; something that I at least acknowledged. The only proof that we have that the PlayStation Neo exists is from an interview article from the Financial Times which while being very credible, the general public may not know much about the existence of it and E3 2016 would have been the perfect platform to re-confirm the announcement of the console to the public.

I see two problems here with the PlayStation Neo’s marketing strategy. The first one is quite simple: the PlayStation Neo has been trumped by the Project Scorpio at E3. PlayStation has decided to hold off on showing it at E3, and even mentioning it at the last minute due to the already announce specifications of Project Scorpio earlier on in the day. PlayStation was totally blindsided by this announcement from Microsoft. Now the Neo sits in a room while Sony tries to decide to go with the current specs of the machine or go back to the drawing board and work for equal or more powerful specs than Project Scorpio.

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The second and most challenging PR and marketing issue I see with PlayStation Neo is the fact that how do you publicize a console to a market that is already saturated and satisfied with the success of the PlayStation 4. There are a lot of happy gamers out there with PlayStation 4 consoles that have no desire to upgrade to the PlayStation Neo as they feel perfectly content with the PlayStation 4. In order to change the consumer’s mind on this, PlayStation is going to have to show off something that the Neo does that the gamer didn’t think they necessarily wanted or needed in the first place but once shown off, they will realize that they must have it. That won’t be easy but nothing in the business market is easy.

UK Sales Chart For May (Source: NeoGaf)

UK Sales Chart For May (Source: NeoGaf)

PlayStation Neo is at a crossroads, and with Project Scorpio on the horizon by Holiday 2017, a decision will need to be made swiftly to decide the future of the PlayStation Neo, and the direction it takes in terms of the marketing strategy. I’ll be watching very closely to see how Sony handles this situation. What are your thoughts on how this situation will work out? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, and for more on the PlayStation Neo and Project Scorpio, keep it locked to Mammoth Gamers!

Source:  Financial Times

  • J.j. Barrington

    The desperation is real. Claiming that an acknowledgement that the thing exists is a marketing disaster is insanity. Or stupidity.

    Take your pick.

    • Counterproductive

      It can be both.

      • J.j. Barrington

        That may well be the case here.

  • trfe

    Just wait. Sony is going to tie the PS 4.5 to VR and try to sell it like that.

    Which would be an even bigger marketing disaster because then they’ll be shown as liars who said VR works with regular ps4.

    • J.j. Barrington

      .. that would only be a lie if PSVR actually DIDN’T work with the vanilla PS4. And that’s not what your supposition posits.

    • PC masterace

      Funny thing is trash can’t natively support even Neo is so underpowered people should just to stick to the regular garbage

      • J.j. Barrington

        Trash can’t natively support? What does that mean? Neo is so underpowered compared to what?

  • Christopher Adcock

    Sony hasn’t even begun marketing, let alone even talking about, the PSNeo. How can you claim it as a “marketing disaster”? There’s been no marketing to make any sort of judgements one way or the other.

    • Eagles83

      I’m just guessing here but what I think the author of this article was talking about is like Microsoft marketing the Xbox One against the PS4. It’s never as sexy to come out and say you are releasing the second most powerful console. Power isn’t everything but the fanboys get out of control when there system of choice is on top.

      • J.j. Barrington

        Well, coming out and saying you have the second most powerful console IS bad marketing.

        • Eagles83

          True. 🙂

          I worded that post badly. They need to convince consumers to buy a more powerful system a few years after the previous launch even though a more powerful option will be coming from a competitor. For Sony fans it isn’t a hard sell unless they are content to play games on they system they already have. The tough sell is going to be the consumers who purchase systems based on power alone and marketing to them will be tricky.

          • J.j. Barrington

            “The tough sell is going to be the consumers who purchase systems based on power alone”

            They’re not even significant enough to market TO. In the console world, the number of people that buy solely for power is extremely small. Rather, Sony will need to market this mostly to those that already have a PS4 and are looking for an update, and those that are really interested in VR. Outside of those two groups, I can’t see the console being pushed towards anyone else.

          • Eagles83

            You could be right but I remember a lot of people a few years ago saying they were going to buy the PS4 because it was more powerful.

          • J.j. Barrington

            It was mostly talk, stemming primarily from the multiplat performance issues of last gen. The PS4 being more powerful afforded it better multiplats this generation, and that’s what people were REALLY saying.

            This far into the generation, though, I don’t think it’ll matter that much.

    • PC masterace

      Shut your pie hole it is accept it

  • PC masterace

    Lmfao what drawing board it’s already headed for Production and late 2016 it will release Sony power bullshit is history Neo is on par with the rumored NX which ironic and Sony will be last place if NX is more power then that trash hahahahaa and be prepared to pay a lot of money for this piece of trash hahahaha it won’t come cheap

    • J.j. Barrington

      Can YOU even understand what you wrote?

    • ClunkyD

      The way you type is retarded. LOL

  • Bill E Weaver

    AMD has already claimed “3 wins”, meaning three chips have already been puchased by nintendo/sony/MS. The neo is literally in production now to meet demands for the psvr in Oct.Sony has already dropped alot of money into psvr/neo. I highly doubt they scratch neo this late in the game without taking a HUGE hit financially in doing so! Lets face it VR is a huge gamble in the first place, and many reported psvr making them sick and not playable for long periods of time.

  • Jason V

    You do know the xbox one is somewhat of a success and yet they are bringing out the Scorpio? ,and there are a lot of happy xbox one gamers that won’t upgrade. Your article is flawed in every which way. How you became a journalist one will never know? Its full of bullshit and theories without any proof whatsoever. If Sony did pull the Neo from E3 to improve it? It’s good for consumers overall as it will drive prices down once both of these propective consoles launch. I see that as a good marketing strategy. You’re obviously a butt hurt fanboi that realised Sony had a better E3…..