Game of Thrones: Season 6 Finale Review

Is it 2017 yet!? The Game of Thrones has done it yet again, leaving their fans itching for the upcoming season. For those who thoroughly enjoyed seeing Ramsay Bolton’s life and legacy get ripped away one bite after another, literally, the season finale was full of so many plot twists and surprises, even I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing. From Cersei’s madness, to Daenerys’ beginning her travels to Westeros, this finale had it all. So let’s take it from the top, shall we!?

There is a new ruler for the Iron Throne, and their name is Queen Cersei Lannister! How she got out of trouble was crazy, but karma is a bitch and it costed Cersei her last breathing child. In season five, Cersei gave the High Sparrow power, who she then realized that she couldn’t manipulate and use him to her advantage. Most of season six, the High Sparrow had King’s Landing by the gonads, but towards the end of the season, Cersei thought of a way to take the power back. To do that, she blew up the Sept and everyone inside of it with the Wildfire stored beneath it. Septa Unella didn’t get the luxury of getting a quick death, instead she was captured by Cersei. Cersei then starts waterboarding her a little bit, but that is just the beginning, as she calls in The Mountain. She then lets him do whatever he wants with her….GOOD LUCK UNELLA!

Getting this plan to be set in motion took precise timing. Qyburn used his child spies to give Maester Pycelle a brutal death, and to stab Lancel Lannister after leading his to the room of Wildfire, hurting him just enough to not blow out the melting candle in time……KABOOM. Unfortunately, with this catastrophe, a few more big named characters had to go down with it, including Margaery Tyrell most of her family, and finally the High Sparrow got put down. It was said that “If the Crown or the Faith falls, the other will fall right after.” So now the Faith has been destroyed by the hand of Cersei, and poor Tommen witnesses this while looking out of his window. He is in shock from the looks of it, especially knowing that his queen was murdered right in front of him, so he shows the real definition of a “King’s Landing” (PUNS) and jumps out of his window, ending his life.

The only surviving member of the Tyrell family is Olenna, who towards the end of the episode was in mourning and also striking up an alliance with the Sandsnakes. This is where Varys comes in and helps seal the deal, apparently this was his “secret mission” he was talking about a couple episodes prior. This also means this alliance is also teamed up with the giant army making it’s way over from Mereen, Daenerys’. Before the Mother of Dragons set sail, she had a few matters she had to attend to. She needed to assign someone to run Mereen in her absence, and Daario is the man for the job, in her eyes. He proposed his love for Daenerys and wanted to go along with her, but she denied him. Tyrion moved up another step, becoming the Hand of the Queen (Daenerys). So that is what is happening in Mereen, let’s head back to Westeros.

Arya Stark is back in Westeros, and what a way to show it! Not only does she dismember Walder Frey’s sons, but she puts pieces of the body into a pie and served it to none other but Walder Frey! Once he realizes he is eating body parts from his children, he looks up at the servant as she pulls off her face and it is Arya underneath, and she then slices his throat and holds his head back until he dies. THIS IS THE GREATEST MOMENT IN THE ENTIRE SHOW (In my opinion)! The greatest vengeful death of all time! The best part was that it was entirely unexpected and so jaw-dropping. Yeah, so Arya is back and is looking to finish her list of names and I cannot wait to see who’s next! Another person who is trying to fulfill what they traveled for is Samwell Tarly. Sam and Gilly have finally arrived at Old Town! He walks into the library and he is in awe from how massive it is! I just hope he learns everything fast, and goes back to working alongside Jon Snow. King Jon and Maester Samwell, I like the sound of that! Meanwhile, Benjen successfully leads Bran and Meera to a Weirwood tree near the Wall, but can’t lead them any further because of the whole being dead, but also being alive. So is he half white walker / half human?

Now to the part where the majority of viewers probably had to change their pants afterwards, In Bran’s next vision, he sees that Jon Snow is half Stark-half Targaryen!?!?! WHAT!? WHAAAAAAAT!?! That’s right, Jon Snow, who is already near the top of the badass chart (That is of course trailing Lady Mormont), may have just taken the lead solely based on the bloodlines! Not only is he half Stark-half Targaryen, his army and allies just declared him as the King of the North! Thankfully Lyanna Mormont was in attendance, as she rallied all the forces together, showing how much of a true and rightful leader Jon Snow would be, as they turned from doubtful to favorable towards him. Heck, he even exiled Melisandre after finding out she talked Stannis into burning his daughter Shireen at the stake because “It would guarantee victory for him in his upcoming battle.” Have fun riding South “Insert vulgar comment here”!! I hope Davos ends you! Finally, the North is back to it’s rightful rulers, the Starks. Unfortunately, this has already made one enemy (maybe), Littlefinger. There is a lot to ponder about heading into the seventh season, like what is going to happen between Cersei and Jaime? Or will Sam become a Maester? Where is Arya heading? Will Jon Snow get a dragon!? Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, and the White Walkers, who will be victorious? Where is Brienne heading and when will she and Tormund reunite!? AND WHERE ON EARTH IS GENDRY??? Sadly for us, to get these answers we will all have to wait nine months. Overall, this season was far from disappointing, and the finale was the icing on the cake of greatness.The only thing about this episode that left me in confusion, was seeing Varys in two different sides of the world without explaining how. BRING ON 2017!

9.5/10 – Tons of greatness, a tad confusion during the times of events (which isn’t anything new).

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