Steam Summer Sale Day 11

Steam Summer Sale Day 11

We are down to the last day of deals, as the Steam Summer Sale day 11 arrives. The “featured” section of Steam’s front page appears to be fixed until the end of the sale, leaving us with the same list of games as day 10. Instead of repeating entries from previous write-ups, I will take this time to give you a handful of personal recommendations between today and tomorrow. All of the games currently on sale will remain at their discounted prices until the event ends on July 4th. Today’s recommendations are as follows:



Dungeon of the Endless

$4.07 (orig.$11.99)

Dungeon of the Endless is a roguelike, tower defense RTS of sorts, that tasks players with moving a team of explorers room by room through a dungeon constantly searching for the exit to the next floor. The team you are controlling has crash landed on a planet, and must reach the bottom floor of the dungeon they find themselves in, while transporting the power core of their ship from floor to floor. Players will move their team from one room to the next, gathering resources to power up rooms, purchasing equipment for their chosen heroes, researching various towers to build, and rescuing heroes along the way. Dungeon of the Endless is a fantastic blend of genres, and an experience that can’t be had anywhere else. Be sure to pick up the DLCs as well, adding even more variety to your runs!



Invisible, Inc.

$6.79 (orig. $19.99)

Invisible, Inc. is a one of a kind roguelike, blending the stealth and turn based strategy genres together into a game that has no right being as good as it is. Players are given a time frame in which to accomplish as much as they can, traveling from point to point on the globe completing missions, collecting resources, recruiting agents, and upgrading existing agents, all in preparation for the final encounter. There are dozens of options at the agents’ disposal, from hacking systems to stunning and incapacitating enemies, silently infiltrating to charging in with guns firing. While the latter isn’t recommended, Invisible, Inc. does a fantastic job of accommodating different playstyles and approaches, while offering compelling rewards for those who are patient enough to stealth their way through missions. Those interested may consider the Contingency Plan DLC, adding more agents, missions, and side content for players to sneak their way through.



Jet Set Radio

$1.24 (orig. $4.99)

A Dreamcast game from the early 2000’s, Jet Set Radio still stands out as a wholly unique experience. It has certainly aged a bit mechanically, but is still entirely playable, and relatively competent in its controls and handling. Featuring a gang of roller blading graffiti artists, Jet Set Radio sees the G.G.’s in a turf war between rival gangs, all fighting for control of Tokyo-To through their graffiti. With colorful visuals that still hold up fairly well, a beautifully funky soundtrack, and a wonderfully absurd story, Jet Set Radio is an experience that no one should miss.



Those looking to pick up anything from the sale should make their purchases soon, as there is not much time left to do so. It’s been a light year for me, with Hotline Miami 2, Outcast 1.1, and Duck Game being my only purchases. What has everyone else bought? Let us know in the comments below, and give us your own recommendations as well!'

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