Control Is Just An Illusion: Mr Robot Um4sk Review

Imagine a world where, one day, all record of your debt has been deleted. Sounds perfect right? Now you don’t have to keep eating ramen or work three jobs to pay those pesky loans back. Well, not exactly. Since there’s no record of the debt, there is also no record of you ever paying your debt as well. That is where we start with season 2 of Mr. Robot.

We see what everyone has been up to since the day Eliot became the man who sold the world. One question still lingers in our minds: what the hell happened to Tyrell?

This episode explores the idea of control. How when we try to exert complete control over something, the less control over it we seem to have. Is control just an illusion? How do you keep control over your body and actions when you share it with a whole other personality? How can you keep control when that personality is played by Christian Slater?

This two part episode introduced a new and mysterious character, played by Hot Tub Time Machine actor Craig Robinson. He seems to know what Eliot does or perhaps even did. He wants Eliot to do something as well, but what exactly is it?

We are also stuck with the thought of what do you do next when you have pretty much ended the whole world as we know it?

This opening to season two is one amazing roller coaster ride for both the viewer and the characters in the series. Once more the ending leaves you hanging, wanting to know one thing…is Tyrell just another one of Eliot’s personalities or something else all together?

Keep an eye out for a QR code in the episode for something interesting and of course pause the screens when someone is coding for intriguing things.

I loved this start of the episode. It welcomes you back with a harsh slap on the face and keeps slapping you until the end. It also drives home the fact that this could happen and if it did, the governments we thought had protections against this will fail us. That overall is a warning to us all.


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