Pokemon Go Has Hit 5 Million Downloads

Pokemon Go Has Hit 5 Million Downloads

It has been a full week since it launched, and Pokemon Go has hit 5 million downloads on Google Play in North America. Apple unfortunately isn’t very transparent about total downloads, so that information is not factored in as of yet. A market intelligence firm, Sensor Tower, has estimated that total downloads in the US as of July 11th, 2016 were at 7.5 million. That number seems a little low, but we will have to wait until more definite numbers are released to find out. The same firm estimated that Pokemon Go is generating $1.6 million dollars in daily revenue on the IOS app store alone, which given Google Play’s current download numbers versus the estimated total, is only a fraction of the total daily revenue.


The bottom line? Pokemon Go is huge and millions of people are playing it. It’s fascinating to see what this app has done to people’s lifestyles. Individuals are interacting with each other in unexpected ways, and I’m seeing far more people walking around in my community, excitedly pulling out their phones and spinning around like idiots trying to find the Evee in the bushes. Whether you are a fan of the app or not, Pokemon Go is getting more people out of the house and a little more active. Our own Mark Kriska, who will be writing a review of the app, has spent an uncharacteristic number of hours walking around outside hunting Pokemon on these hot summer days.

We will be keeping our ears to the ground for definite IOS and revenue numbers. Pokemon Go is a huge step for Nintendo, being their first published app to break records and have a wide install base. It will be interesting to see where they go from here. Check back with us as sales numbers get updated, and happy Pokemon hunting everyone!

Brian Miller

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