Captains Log: No Man’s Sky Day 2

Our Day 1 Review of No Man’s Sky can be found here.

Captain’s Log: Star Date 8.10.2016: Day 2 in the vast expanse of space was just as interesting as the first.  While exploring, I decided that it was time to abandon the second planet in my system, and venture out into the region.  I made it to the space station where I began the mission to find fuel for my warp drive.

No Man’s Sky simply never stops amazing me, as a fan of all the major space shows: Battlestar, Star Wars, Firefly, the many seemingly close references make it even more enjoyable.  The only disappointment was the fact that I could not afford to buy the Viper look alike, as I had not yet amassed the 700,000 units to buy it off of the NPC that I found.

Now as you further explore into No Man’s Sky, you learn languages and I decided to keep track of how many I picked up in the four or so hours I put into the game and I ended up with about 20.  Most of the words are relatively useless such as isotopes, thaw, units, intruder, and death from the Vy’Keen species and give from the Gek language.  I have yet to run into a Gek, however I hope that they say “give” often.

Once I left my second planet and obtained my first warp core.  This gives you the ability to leave your star system, and jump to a new one.  I had two options where I was to follow the path to a system with 3 planets, or to free roam and jump to a system with 2 planets and 2 moons.  I decided to use my one warp core and jump to the system along the path to the center and I was astonished by what I found.

The first planet was a lush radioactive planet that has what appears to be twenty different species of animals and even more plants.  I stood in amazement as I watched various animals wander around me, before I got head-butted by one and I got my first real taste of nature fighting back, not counting the drones that attack you.  I easily dispatched it, however I was left cautious of every other animal I encountered. My second planet was more harsh as the night temperature hit -100 Celsius, and on almost every mountain was a large gold deposit. So I now am wasting 5 slots on gold, and have not found a place to sell it.

One of my greatest discoveries was the fact you can use grenades to mine large deposits.  Once you obtain the grenade launcher, simply blast the large nodes until they are no more.  I am not sure if this gives you less resources or not, however it does cut mining time in half, which may be worth it in the end. I also discovered how to upgrade the inventory which I did not understand yesterday. I was unsure how to create the Bypass Chips, and how to find the drop pods that I kept finding reference to on the Internet.  However once I learned to use the Bypass Chip on the tall red beacons to find “shelters” and to essentially keep doing it until you get a “drop pod” locator.

I would say that as long as you are not going into this game expecting a Player vs Player or a multiplayer game, you will not be disappointed.  To really enjoy this you must go in with the expectation that you are exploring and finding new life and new areas. Hello Games really does deliver on No Man’s Sky. I would recommend it to anyone who is even remotely thinking of getting it.

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