Metrico+ Review

Metrico+ Review

The Metrico+ puzzles are like none I have played before. From ascetic to game play, this puzzle game will have you stumped as well as awestruck. At a glance Metrico+ looks like a standard 2D side scroller; however, the first puzzle you encounter kills that assumption. When the game starts, you are introduced to your choice between a male or female and then the game begins. A static white screen with only your character appears but, as you continue, the world begins to grow around you. Line graphs, percentages, and pie charts appear, all of these things react to what you do as a player.


The game play feels extremely solid and smooth; from the fluidity of running to the jumping. These mechanics, as I mentioned, hindered the puzzles and the world. Jumping may raise a platform while running may reduce the platform. This is where the puzzle aspect comes in. Much like any puzzler, the first few times it is just to teach the player how to see the world. However, I have never played a puzzle game whose tutorial is just as satisfying as the standard puzzles. Some puzzles require you to jump to progress forward because running may extend the platform to block your path. This is a game mechanic I have never see in a puzzle game prior to this. However, this is something I fell in love with. The game sees you as a piece of the puzzle that also needs solved.

metrico1 The look of this game is something I really fell in love with. It is not complex but it is beautiful and almost like you are playing in a spreadsheet. As you progress in the game, you also acquire new abilities. By pressing circle, or B, you can shoot white orbs at obstacles to open up your path. This isn’t as simple as it sounds though. By shooting the spinning pinwheels, you open up areas there were once closed. However, many times it raises a platform that you can no longer reach or makes a new gap you can no longer traverse.


The game does a great job challenging you but without tricks –  it might just a be combination of moves you have not figured out yet. With amazing controls and a very compelling visual style, this game has all it needs to keep you going; however, there is more. There is a small story that will also drive you forward. At the end of each level you will be teleported to a realm that is absent of color and you must use your character to unlock the next stage. This is all around a great puzzle adventure game that any fan of the genre should pick up. Metrico+ releases August 23, 2016 for PS4, PSVita, Xbox One, and Steam.


If you liked Thomas was Alone, Portal, or the Witness you will probably enjoy this game. For more Metrico+ news and reviews stick close to Mammoth Gamers.


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