Niantic and the PR Blackhole

Niantic and the PR Blackhole

This weekend all players of Niantic’s mobile game Pokemon Go took to the internet to express their upset at the servers being down once more. While a hacker claimed it was his DDoS attack; it is more likely it was due to the fact that the game launched in the UK. Seasoned gamers expected a message from the company stating they were aware of the outage and were fixing it. However it seems that when Niantic is faced with an outage they make like so many Pokemon and flee.

Customer Service is a tricky job for many to do. But in this day and age it is a necessary thing to have. Especially when you are supporting and working on any game with the name Pokemon in it. Players expect updates to assure them that the company actually cares about their users. That they are not just in it entirely for their money alone. Niantic has been failing when it comes to addressing their users. In fact, their website has a total and complete lack of a contact us area. It  is also very concerning that they are just now hiring staff to support and develop this game. All these things makes gamers lose faith in this company. Many question why Nintendo contracted them to create this game. 

I have worked many years in the IT field. When you have a company that nickles and dimes everything it really shows. When one looks at Niantic. The feeling that the powers that be in the company have been on the cheap route is overwhelming. This move causes their staff to have to put fires out instead of stopping fires before they even start. That is not a good place to be with any type of company. Most of the time the IT staff can only put a bandaid on the issue because the management staff does not or will not pay for a solution to fix the problem. The IT staff will gets out quickly and easily due to the fact that each and everyday they have to continually put out fires making them unable to focus on things that need their attention to complete.

I also get a feeling of a complete lack of weekend on call service. As many like myself are experiencing there is now a bug with the tracking of nearby pokemon. The three steps do not go down at any point so you are wandering around town looking more insane than normal. Since there is no customer service; we have not made aware if Niantic is doing anything to fix this situation or if they are even aware of this problem.

Many other news outlets have attempted to get in touch with Niantic for their version of events but once again they have been met with total and complete silence.

It seems highly unlikely that Niantic is going to address the public about these recent issues anytime soon. So to you players keep enjoying this game at least until the next server outage happens which should be sometime soon as this game continues to release in other countries.

Jess Johnson

When she is not trying to take over the world, Jess takes time to record video games and write articles.