Batman Telltale Series: Children Of Arkham Review [Spoiler Free]

Batman Telltale Series: Children Of Arkham Review [Spoiler Free]

After an action packed first episode of the Batman Telltale Series, I was sure that the second episode would be just as action packed. What followed however was not only an action packed episode, but an episode that was filled with plenty of drama, in classic Telltale fashion.

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The story picks up right where the last episode finishes and Bruce is well on his way to finding the truth about his roots, going back to the place where it all began: where his parents were murdered. Bruce thinks he can find more clues about his family history there and that leads him to one of the biggest crime lords in Gotham. Unfortunately he doesn’t get many answers there either, and is quickly left with solving a new problem that is tied directly to him.

One of the biggest differences I noticed between Batman Telltale Games Children Of Arkham & Realm Of Shadows is the movement of relationships between Batman and Bruce Wayne. Friends become foes, Foes become allies, and Allies become Enemies. As always, Gotham is filled with corruption and it starts from the top. One of the most crucial moments you will during this episode is deciding on whether you should meet a key figure in Gotham as Bruce Wayne or The Dark Knight. Trying to be civil and political or pronounce fear.  I decided to play it politically and go as Bruce Wayne but based on how things played out, I am left wondering how things would have played out if I would have went as Batman. This of course, gives the game replayability value (as always in Telltale Games) and I will definitely play through this again in order to see how things are different.

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What you do in these moments are of course completely up to you and based upon your choices will determine which way the story will end up. Telltale Batman Episode 2: Children Of Arkham is an even more complete game than it’s predecessor despite being a shorter game. It also excels at drawing you into the story than more than ever before and will lead you in deciding the fate of Gotham one way or another. It’s available now on PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and on the iOS App Store.


What We Liked

+ More Batman/Bruce Wayne Interaction leading to key decisions that drive the story

+ Character relationships blossom as the story continues

What We Didn’t Like

– Episode is significantly shorter than the first episode

– Not as much detective work as Batman this time around

Final Score: 8/10

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