Catch Em’ All On The Go – Pokémon Go Plus Announced

Catch Em’ All On The Go – Pokémon Go Plus Announced

The release date for the long awaited bluetooth accessory to Pokémon Go has a release date. Pokémon Go Plus will launch Sept 16th in some countries and will cost $34.99. The device will vibrate and flash notifying players when they are near a Pokéstop or when a Pokémon has appeared.

Niantic announced the release date last night on their blog; but was vague as to which countries will be able to purchase the device.

While this device sounds like a good item to have while on the go; there are drawbacks. You must still have the application active on your phone in order for the accessory to work. Which means this will not be a good option to help save on your battery. You will still have to take out your phone to see what Pokémon have appeared; unless you want to wind up with Zubats, Weedles, Pidgeys and the other commonly spawning Pokémon that plague areas.

An alternate although expensive alternative to the Plus is the Apple watch accessory. Apple announced at yesterday’s WWDC the watch will able to run the game. With the Apple watch you will be able to see what Pokémon appear on its screen allowing you to ignore Pokémon you do not want to catch.


While Niantic is going forward with these accessories, they still have yet to launch their teased tracking system. This tracking system was their answer to replacing the three steps system which they removed without explanation. This became speculated that Niantic turned off the tracking in order to allow more users to log on to the game. Since active players have now declined continuing players are still awaiting a tracking system to help them find and search for Pokémon. Many other players are also awaiting the buddy system which was discovered in the most recent data mining of the game by some players.


Whether or not the accessories will be a welcomed addition or not remains to be seen and will have to wait until the device releases. For more on Pokémon Go Plus Announced stay tuned to Mammoth Gamers.

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