Super Mario Run Announced for iOS

Super Mario Run Announced for iOS

In a surprise move, Apple announced a new game coming to the App Store from Nintendo, Super Mario Run.

Tim Cook brought legendary creator Shigeru Minamoto and Bill Trinen from Nintendo of America on stage to announce Super Mario Run, an endless runner style game that will release first on iOS devices.

Super Mario Run will allow you to take control of Mario as he runs through the Mushroom Kingdom, collecting coins, stomping enemies, and impressing Toads. The game looks to feature blocks that allow you to stop Mario and even shift directions, changing up the formula some from traditional endless runners. There will also be a competitive mode that allows you to race against recordings of your friends in order to collect more coins and attempt to one up with more daring jumps.

And in another surprise move, Nintendo looks to be foregoing the popular Free-To-Play model. Instead, Super Mario Run will be available at a one time cost up front, will no micro-transactions.

The release date will be sometime during the 2016 holiday season and the price will be announced at a later date.

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