PlayStation VR Release Date Approches But Is PSVR For You?

PlayStation VR Release Date Approches But Is PSVR For You?

We’re almost there! We are just one week (8 days as of writing) until the PlayStation VR Release Date. And while the reviews are starting to come in (look for ours soon), you still may not have a decision on if you want to purchase it or not. Well, we at Mammoth Gamers want to help you make that decision with logical thinking with process of elimination. As the PlayStation VR Release Date approaches, here’s what you should be looking for to help you decide if this periphel is right for you.

The number one deciding factor on if you should get PlayStation VR or not is actually based on health and well-being: Motion Sickness.  If you haven’t heard, the PlayStation VR uses the camera to help detect where your head is located in relation to the game that you are experiencing. This may, in some cases, give the player some brief motion sickness depending on the circumstances and situation of the game. For some people, this motion sickness will probably be more severe than others. So if you are someone who experiences motion sickness while riding roller coasters or gets car sick very easily, PlayStation VR may not be for you. Of course, there is medications available to help temperarily alleviate the symptoms you may experience, but if you do not want to take medicine each time you play, then you should probably hold off on PSVR.

Now if you are the type of person who loves PlayStation, is an impulsive buyer and must have this product, then that isn’t going to stop you from getting this product. But with the PlayStation VR release date just a week away, you may have noticed that there really aren’t that many games that are available at launch. That is actually quite common when a new periphel or console is released. Most of the games that will be initially released are demonstrations and introductions to VR. While they may be very good and enjoyable, the core titles that you may be looking for such as Call Of Duty, Battlefield 1, and Assassin’s Creed will not yet be available. So if you are looking for an abundance of AAA titles on the PlayStation VR release date, you will be disappointed as a lot of them are probably being developed as of writing.

Resident Evil VII – One Of The Few AAA Titles For PSVR but not available at launch

Getting into the technicalities of the product, PSVR will not be able to support high dynamic range imaging (HDR) or wireless headphones. In addition, it will not be a wireless headset either as it will be directly connected to the PlayStation 4 console itself. This is all in relation to the limitations of the processing box itself for the PlayStation VR. While the cord not being long enough isn’t a big deal (plenty of reach), cords between the headset and headphones may get tangled during gameplay and might cause some frustration. If you are looking for a complete HDR experience without wires, PlayStation VR is not for you.


With all this said, there is plenty to be excited about when it comes to PlayStation VR. For starters, this periphel will be the first headset deemed “affordable”. The core bundle is priced at $399 which is significantly lower than competitors HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. That price point has been a key motivator as pre-orders for the PlayStation VR have sold out on Amazon and other major retailers. These strong pre-order numbers signify that the price point is affordable for those who are interested in the product.

This is also the first virtual reality headset available on consoles since the Nintendo’s Virtua Boy which made it’s debut in 1995. If you are old enough to remember, the Virtua Boy was not a very big hit due to it’s lack of technology, discomfort, and expensive price. I’ve already discussed the price point of the PlayStation VR with you and I can tell you that the PSVR fits comfortably on your head with foam padding around the forehead for added support and stability. Virtua Boy was only 32-bit, while the PlayStation 4 boasts an 8 core 64 bit processing chip. That’s quite a significant leap from 95′ in terms of technological processing power.

When it comes down to it, the choice is yours. You may want to wait and see how PlayStation VR is received from reviews such as ourselves and other outlets respectively. You may want to wait and see how the product sells in stores. Or ultimately, you may want to try out the product prior to release. But regardless, I hope that this helps you think about the positives and negatives of the PlayStation VR when deciding if you want to purchase it or not. This is an exciting time in gaming and if received well, the sky could be the limit! We’ll see how things turn out as the PlayStation VR release date is quickly approaching next week, October 13th. For more on PlayStation VR, keep it locked to Mammoth Gamers!

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