Call of Duty Infinite Warfare players on Windows 10 Have a Big Problem

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare players on Windows 10 Have a Big Problem

In a post from Activision’s official support site, PC players who purchase the Windows 10 version of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare won’t be able to play with other players on the Steam networks.

Those who play on consoles, won’t have to worry as much as they are still limited to only our respective networks but this causes a huge problem to players looking to have strong connectivity with others around the world and expect the support that Steam gives with it’s releases.   In the foreseeable future, this could mean dead lobbies in the Windows 10 version within months or a backlash from users who do not want a Steam account.  This move could hurt the release of the new CoD, as reviews pour in from around the web and people are getting into the latest release.

Below is a trailer for the recently released title:

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