Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Campaign Review

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Campaign Review

Over the years, different developers have taken on the task to make a new game in the Call of Duty franchise. The subject matter for these games have been based on historical warfare as well was fiction based events. With Infinity Ward’s new game, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, the developers push the boundaries once more, and this time they shoot for the stars.


Call of Duty Infinite Warfare takes players into the future of warfare where we must not only defend Earth but our entire solar system. A new threat has risen from a group of radicals that have broken away from the United Nations Space Alliance or UNSA. This hostile group of people call themselves the Settlement Defense Force or SDF. They have lost all connections with Earth and believe their way of life is the future. The SDF has slowly been taking over parts of the solar system with brute force. Finally, after years of small aggression, the Settlement Defense Force launches a large-scale assault on the UNSA that greatly weakened their defenses. Leaving only two warships to fend off the rising tide of terror from SDF. You play as newly appointed Commander of the Warship Retribution, Captain Nick Reyes. You must drive back what seems like an unstoppable force and protect Earth from complete annihilation.

Infinity Ward takes the fight off the ground and introduces us to air combat like we have never seen before. Taking the fight to the stars breathes some new life into this old game series. I was worried that these missions would be rail shooters, but I am happy to say they give you full control of these super fighter jets. Not only do you get to freely fly the Jackals you get to pick your weapon load out on your Jackal and go head to head with some of the Ace pilots from the Settlement Defense Force. I was pleased with how well the controls felt while in combat, you truly felt like a combat ace as you take down enemy plane after enemy plane.


When you are not fighting in air to air combat you have your boots on the ground, getting into the thick of the battle. The other half the game takes place on enemy warships and vast planets. When fighting against enemy forces aboard their warships the fighting is close quarters and when you are on the planet surface its multi-leveled combat.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare not only takes warfare to a new level, they also enhanced the technology you use to fight with as well. One of the new pieces of tech in the game is the ability to hack enemy robots. This was one of my favorite ways to take down enemy forces. You can easily hack into an enemy robot and use them to take down threats and when you get overwhelmed, hit the self-destruct and take some more out with a bang. Some other pieces of tech you can use in combat are drones, the blast shield, and Seeker robots. The Drone will help take down enemies alongside you during heavy firefights. You are even allowed to deploy multiple to give you given more cover when pinned down. The Blast shield gives you mobile cover from advancing enemies, as well as acts like a battering ram to take out enemies. I rarely found a time to use the Blast shield but can tell people will have some fun when first using it in battle. The tech is the Seeker robot, this little guy can be deployed before going into to battle. It will follow you and once it gets a lock on an enemy, well let’s say they have an explosive connection. I found the Seeker robot was great to take out one enemy and at times could help me take out multiple ones as well.

Alongside the new tech, you are also given three types of grenades to use against your wide variety of foes. The three types of grenades are; Frag, Shock, and Anti-Gravity. The Frag grenade is your run of the mile grenade that takes out enemies in the blast zone with a large explosion. The Shock grenade is a special present for those pesky robots as well as normal human enemies. When the robots get caught in the blast zone of the Shock grenade its lights out. If a human enemy gets caught in the blast zone he will be stunned, which gives you time to zone in for a headshot or riddle his body with a couple more rounds. The last one is the Anti-Gravity, this one will change the gravity in the blast radius of the grenade. Enemies will be flung up in the air and once again it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

The new equipment in Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare allows you to approach firefights in a variety of different ways. Instead of just going from cover to cover picking off enemies, you can make it easier. Hack into the mind of a robot and take out snipers or a large group with the self-destruct. Have a large wave of robots barreling down on you? Throw a shock grenade and thin out the herd. The list goes on with how the game allows you to fight the war the way you want to fight.

Since wars are not just fought with technology and grenades, we should also talk about the guns in Infinite Warfare. Overall I enjoyed how the guns felt during my time with Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare. Something I truly enjoyed was the ability to change long range snipers into short range weapons. With most guns in Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare you can press down on the D-pad and if the weapon had a scope it will switch to the iron sights. This allows you to use the same weapon to fight enemies far and close without having to change weapons. Each weapon felt like its own and some even reminded me of guns in previous games in the series.

One feature I did not like so much was something they brought over from last year’s Black Ops 3. Like in Call of Duty Black Ops 3, before each mission you are able to pick what loadout you want to use during the mission. This allows you craft the perfect arsenal to whip out the enemy forces. I was not a huge fan of this feature in Black Ops 3 and I am feeling the same way in Infinite Warfare. Most of the time I just took what they recommended for the mission and very rarely changed it. This feature would be nice if you could replay missions from the mission select map in Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare, but since you can not I feel like the feature losses its meaning.

Infinity Ward did an amazing job with developing relationships between you and the other crew members of the bridge. At the beginning of the game, you can tell Reyes, and Salter has a strong bond between them and at times I thought maybe even more. As you continue through the game and meet other key characters there is that rocky feeling when people first meet. You are not sure of them and they are not sure about you, but in the end, it all works out. Having these connections make it harder to see the story unfold as you go after the Settlement Defense Force. As you complete each mission you can feel the crew starting to respect Captain Reyes more and more. Which in turn makes you want to take on another mission and defeat more of the enemy forces.

Overall, I enjoyed my time with the game. I truly enjoyed the new gameplay feature with fighting with the Jackals. This gave a new experience for fans of the series and they did not drop the ball on it. I would have been greatly disappointed if Infinity Ward had just made the Jackal missions on rail shooters. I also enjoyed the new tech weapons that you are able to use on the wide variety of enemies in the game. I hope that fans of the series take time and give this game a chance because I enjoyed the story and I loved the characters just as much.

Final Score: 8.5/10

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