The Mass Effect: Andromeda Story Tralier is Here

The Mass Effect: Andromeda Story Tralier is Here

Yesterday was N7 Day. For those of you who don’t know, this is a day celebrated by Mass Effect fans new and old. BioWare has made this day a day of announcements in the past, and yesterday was no different. Mass Effect fans were finally treated with a full cinematic trailer revealing the main characters, a brother and sister duo, as well as the reason why we are traveling to this new frontier. We are the new pathfinder and we are the aliens to this new galaxy. We see some familiar faces in the trailer. There’s an Asari, who we have seen before in concept art, and if you look closely into the sunset we can see the welcome outline of a Salarian. Not much is known about either character, however we can hope other races such as Drell, Turians, Krogan, Quarians, and Geth will make appearances.


Aside from allies in the trailer we were also introduced to what appeared to be the enemy spices. We don’t get to see there faces, although they resemble Collectors. The Collectors were an ancient species from our own solar system called Protheans. After the Reapers arrived all those years ago they were either killed or turned into slaves of the Reapers known now as The Collectors. This trailer is chock-full of new details but doesn’t reveal too much about the game.. Later this year we will be getting a gameplay trailer during The Video Game Awards so keep your browsers on Mammoth for all Mass Effect news..

Mark Kriska

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