Batman Telltale Series Will Be Wrapping Up December 13th

Batman Telltale Series Will Be Wrapping Up December 13th

The fifth and final episode of the Batman Telltale Series will be releasing on Tuesday, December 13th. Episode 5: City of Light will be available on all platforms simultaneously. PC, PS3, 360, PS4, Xbox One, IOS, and Android will all be available to download.

Those who were waiting until all episodes were released to buy in can now do so, either by purchasing the complete season digitally on their respective platform, or by purchasing the physical Season Pass Disc from retailers. The Season Pass Disc will give players immediate access to the first episode, and contains a download code for the remaining episodes in the season. Steam users who have been curious about the series can now try it out, as the first episode has been released for free. Telltale has also released a performance patch for the PC version, which will hopefully clean up some of the compatibility and performance issues the game has been facing since launch.

Depending on the choices made in Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham, players will begin Episode 5 in different places. Batman: The Telltale series has been received favorably thus far, and if Telltale can keep the momentum going through the final episode, it will likely be one of their most well received titles to date. Stay tuned for the finale on December 13th!

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