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Batman Telltale Series Giveaway

by on December 15, 2016

Batman Telltale Series has been a huge success and the fifth and final episode of the Batman Telltale Series released on Tuesday, December 13th. Episode 5: City of Light is available on all platforms simultaneously including on PC, PS3, 360, PS4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android. We wanted to celebrate with our readers by giving away a copy of the game on PC/Steam!  One winner will receive a code to play Batman The Telltale Series on PC/Steam; just in time for the holidays!  Follow Bruce Wayne as he tries to restore his family legacy while at the same time preserving himself as The Dark Knight.  The choices you make in the game reflect on what will happen throughout the game so choose your decisions carefully!  The choices that you make in the game determine exactly where you end up by the finale which play into plenty of scenarios on how the game could end for each player.  This makes for an exciting story for everyone who is engaged and with crowd play, you and your friends can make the choice together!  As far as the contest there’s plenty of ways to enter so be sure to utilize every way that you can!  The winner will be announced on 12/23 and will be notified via email!  Good luck everyone!
Batman The Telltale Series Giveaway

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