A Girl and Her Robo Dog: Recore Review

A Girl and Her Robo Dog: Recore Review

Howdy folks, Jess J back again this time with a review of a showcased game from this year’s E3 – Recore.  When the trailer premiered everyone cried when the robot dog was killed then cheered when it was brought back to life in as a brute force robot that took out the enemies.

I eagerly awaited for the release of this title. It was my first purchase when I got my Xbox One. Recore takes place in the far future on a planet called Far Eden. The plan was for corebots to terraform Far Eden to turn it from a desert wasteland into a lush paradise, while humans were kept in cyrosleep. However plans didn’t go as expected. As we take control of the main character Joule, we dive into the world to learn the fate of mankind back on Earth as they fight a disease called “Dust Devil” and the fate of the other travelers to Far Eden. Joule is the daughter of the creator of the corebots and was assigned to atmospherics. She is a traditional heroine: smart, funny, brave, and of course, a redhead.

The first few dungeons of Recore are brilliant; you get to fight uncommon bots, find rare cores and items, it even challenges you to go back and beat the challenges of time trail, red switch and yellow key to get blue prints and prismatic cores which are needed to unlock harder dungeons. However, the overuse of jumping puzzles gets tiresome. The game towards the middle feels like it was rushed, the story feels pushed faster than it was intended to be instead of a easy going plot pace. The ending is a total downhill race just for it to be all over with. It is more refined in the starting areas, great attention to detail, no pixel glitches each place is unique with different challenges, but the other places just feel rushed and clumsy hashing out the same formula from the previous areas. Then there is also the problem of level scaling with players like myself who like to grind and hunt for the items needed to build more corebot parts. We are way overpowered for the mainline story dungeons as well as the side dungeons causing whatever challenge there was to be there honestly nonexistent. There are also bugs that should have been corrected before release. One example; I died in a dungeon and when I respawned, I was unable to complete it because the enemies did not spawn again. In order to restart the dungeon, I was forced to exit Recore entirely then go back in.

The controls are not bad but overall they are not great either. You have to stand in the right place to be able to press the x button to access the crafting table or any console. This becomes more frustrating when you gain Seth the spider-bot who allows you to climb via a rail system which in order to access you have to be close enough to the rails and fast enough to hold X otherwise you either fall and take damage or fall to your death. Then there’s the issue of accessing Vio-let or the craft bench a second time you have to get up walk away then go back to them to get back into their menus.

The final levels are just a pure annoyance of unending jumping puzzles.The controls were not the problem. It was the timing of certain parts and the unending, honestly dickish, moves of having a platform vanish right under you as you were about to land on it. The ending is hurried. The final cut scene is just a rushed mess of tying up loose ends and there is no build up to make it feel as dramatic as it should be…Joule more or less being totally alone and perhaps the last human in existence. If I had to hazard a guess I  would say it wasn’t the studio’s fault but the higher powers yelling at them to get the game done so they could release it.

As much as I hope there will be a sequel, patches, or even DLC to this game I do not believe we will see anything else from Recore. However, I hope the creators are able to make more games and be given the time needed to create something more polished, there is a lot of creativity and passion in these guys. You can tell by the way they talked about the game at E3.

I really was hoping this game would be something amazing and a challenge, but whatever the studio hoped to accomplish with this game was never brought to fruition. Instead it is a glitchy mess with unstable controls and a storyline that seems to be lost in the utter vastness of space.

Final Score:  4/10

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