Jess’ Top Five Games of 2016

Jess’ Top Five Games of 2016

Here we are folks coming down to the wire and I like everyone else cannot wait for 2016 to be over with! While this year has been dubbed the season written by George R R Martin, we had some amazing games come out. Here are my top five games of 2016:


  1. Tom Clancy’s The Division

While the trailers and gameplay demos looked awesome for this game I have never been a fan of any Tom Clancy game. It took my father to convince me to play this title and when I did I was immediately sucked into its world. A good steady plot, lots of fun and mischief for myself, my dad and even my nephew to get into when we team up. The game however falls into the same problems as all MMO’s each area has the same missions nothing is really different about them just a different flavor of enemy. However after you complete the end game the free roam mode which includes search and destroy and high value targets makes the game a challenge so it is worth the money and time if you can get friends to join you for some fun.


  1. Overwatch

Many people know that I am normally an online FPS shooter person. I have a low tolerance for trolls and griefers however when I beta tested Overwatch it just appealed to me. I enjoyed the mechanics of each character. The storyline and lore was immersive as well as mechanics for game balance. Teams have to consist of certain types otherwise victory would not be achieved and healers have some power to them so they can defend against attackers. Since its release I have enjoyed the matches and various brawls that have been released on this system and cannot wait for the next hero release.


  1. Dead By Daylight

I have been a fan of monster vs survivor games since Evolve. Dead By Daylight is a game that brings terror to an amazing level, the darkness of the maps, the stillness of everything around you. My heart stops each time I fail a check to fix the generator knowing it’s going to bring some terrifying monster determined to put me on a hook. This past Halloween the studio gained the rights to Michael Myers as a monster and Laurie Strode as a survivor.


  1. Pokemon Go

The mobile game that was every fan’s dream that became often a nightmare of server outages, glitches and the loss of tracking. With all that aside this game accomplished things no other game has been able to do: it made players get outside and get fit. Niantic’s lack of communication caused many players to abandon the game. The company was able to spark interest again with the buddy system and then the Halloween event. With the new tracking system in place as well as a winter event and Gen 2 Pokemon it seems the game is gaining ground once more.


  1. DOOM

When this release was revealed fans like myself of the original game cheered. Some of us were also a bit hesitant because after the release of Wolfenstein that was nothing like the original shooter, we were concerned that DOOM would become a shell of it’s former self. ID however proved us wrong. The single player game remained true to the DOOM legacy and I for one cannot wait for a sequel.

When she is not trying to take over the world, Jess takes time to record video games and write articles.