Ken Joins Mac and Gu Podcast to Talk NES Classic

This past week, I had the opportunity to sit down with a Boston sports and entertainment podcast, Mac and Gu, to talk about the NES Classic, it’s incredibly low availability and what might be on the SNES Classic.  We had a bunch of great laughs chatting about video games of the past, Tim Allen’s famous grunt and the show Empire (I have never watched it….).  I had a great time, as they were very hospitable and enjoyed chatting with them about nerd stuff.  Check out the episode here and below!



A solid mix of sports, geek culture and television, Mac and Gu is a Boston based podcast started by Brian Antonelli and Jeffrey McNamara and they have gained a solid following in the time they have been operating.  Being mentioned on other podcasts and even Boston radio station 9.85: The Sportshub, Mac and Gu are placing themselves in the Boston media and it’s only a matter of time until they make it big.  Check them out on their website,, Spreaker, iTunes and like them on Facebook and Twitter.


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