Mega Man Is Going Mobile With Six Originals In 2017

Mega Man Is Going Mobile With Six Originals In 2017

Capcom has announced that the first six Mega Man games, the original 8-bit titles, will be released on Android and iOS in early January.

The games will be listed for $1.99 on the App Store and Google Play.  Capcom says that the  purchase price will cover each entire game, and there will be no micro-transactions.

Originally released on the NES, this will be the first time all six of the original Mega Man games have been available on mobile devices.  However, they may be vastly different from the original experience.  Capcom Mobile has said that the games were optimized for mobile devices, including adjustments to the game speed, and will use touchscreen controls.

Previously, there have been two attempts at porting the Mega Man series over to mobile platforms.  In 2009, Beeline Interactive released a version of Mega Man 2 on the iOS.  The game was tweaked massively to allow for better mobile operation.  IGN game the game a zero out of 10, stating that the game was near unplayable and possibly the worst version ever.  Following this, Capcom released a port of Mega Man X on iOS in 2011.  This port originally received almost as poor reviews, stemming from the game offering micro-transactions to unlock weapons and other content.

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