Nintendo Switch News & Details Coming Next Month

Nintendo Switch News & Details Coming Next Month

Takashi Mochizuki announced some Nintendo Switch news on Twitter this past week regarding information on Nintendo’s latest console. The Nintendo Switch will be getting its very own press release on January 12th, 11p.m. ET.  It is said to be an incredibly detailed demonstration of the new console and will hopefully confirm some of the long awaited functionality and tell us what this thing can actually do.  One of the all but confirmed functions would be an IR sensor for hand recognition.  This would allow the user to make a movement or gesture that would do something in the game, such as hit a button, go to a home screen or anything else Nintendo can find use of such an interesting gimmick.  

Set to come out in March of 2017, the Switch will most likely be a gage for Nintendo on what direction they might go about regarding the future of their company.  With the amazing success of Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run, it would only make sense that Nintendo will come out with more mobile games in the future.  However, if the Switch is a revolutionary piece of hardware and can even come close to competing with Microsoft and Sony, we might see some more consoles in the future that do not come in the form of a Gameboy or DS.  Only time will tell if this gaming giant has what it takes to keep its hat in that ring.


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