Geeked In 7: Nintendo Switch, You’re Our Only Hope

Geeked In 7:  Nintendo Switch, You’re Our Only Hope

Going into the Nintendo Switch event I was hopefully optimistic about the system. They seem to have the developers on their side, which is always a good thing. They are also coming off of two lackluster consoles, and a third would seriously hurt the company; surely they have to get it right this time right?

I have only owned one non handheld Nintendo system in my life, the Wii, which I spent a decent amount of time playing. However, the lack of games drew me away from it and back to my other systems. The Switch at the moment seems to have fixed this issue. With developers like Bethesda, and EA behind Nintendo Switch at launch, this could be the turnaround they need.

NEW YORK, NY -(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Nintendo of America)

Over the course my life, I have owned almost every iteration of the Pokémon machine, (also known as the Gameboy/DS), that there is. However, I skipped the consoles, in part to my parents purchasing the first two PlayStation systems and eventually the Xbox system for me. Marking my shift from a Sony consumer, to a Microsoft fanboy. The Nintendo consoles gave never truly interested me, there are several games that I would like to get my hands on from the past, don’t get me wrong. But for the most part, I am ok with never having owned a Nintendo console.

Leading up to the first presentation Thursday night, I was already mildly considering buying a console eventually. After the Treehouse event, I knew that I was going to be picking one up once the initial batch has been put through some serious consumer testing. Give it maybe four or five months, because I have learned my lesson with launch consoles. Between the games, and the tech that goes into the Switch, it was enough to make me want it. The fact that they seamlessly transitioned from playing Mario Kart on the television, to the Switch screen which they sat on the table with the kickstand, to back on the television through the dock, it was amazing.

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Nintendo of America)

Nintendo has a way of jumping the system forward several years every year a new console comes out. The Gameboy/Nintendo DS placed an actual computer (not including the smartphone) into your hands. The Wii changed how we gamed between the motion controls and the controllers. We as a community learned that games do not have to be stationary anymore. Now the Switch is going to give us the entire power of a full gaming system in handheld form. Cue the people complaining because the Vita/DS/Smartphones are full systems. It is a valid point, but the Switch in my opinion, is a full fledged console in your hands.

From the very start of the Treehouse event I knew that I was hooked, and that feeling only grew as more games were shown. While I will admit, I do not want to spend my time competitively milking a cow with my best friends, I will happily beat the snot out of him with giant spring arms on trampolines. Or cut him up to fit in the small itty bitty hole in SnipperCuts.

One of the highlights of the event had to be Has Been Heroes. I thoroughly love the idea of a bunch of old adventures being forced to get back into the trade. I have never personally played a lane based game like this before, it looks extremely smooth and clean. As a huge RPG fan, I am looking forward to customizing my party, and smashing some skeletons.

I am sure many people will be offended by this, but I was not amazed by Zelda. The only Zelda games I have played were Oracle of Seasons/Ages,so I do not have the same connection as many people have to these games. Sure, I will play it, once I get Nintendo Switch, just due to the fact that it is one of the staples of gaming. Zelda and Link are iconic figures in the gaming community; you cannot buy Nintendo Switch, and not buy a Legend of Zelda game. But there is no hype in it for me. However, I am extremely excited as I am sure everyone else is for Super Mario Odyssey. Super Mario Galaxy was one of about five or six games I had for the Nintendo Wii.  It was a very nice change from the style of game from the other systems.



Many people are upset at the perceived quality of the launch games. Mario and Zelda are two of their biggest names in games, and I do not believe these games are anything to squawk at. Sure it’s lacking Pokemon, Smash Brothers, or whatever else. But what it does give is a good spread of games that are meant to be played on the TV, (Zelda and Mario, and games that seem to be specifically built for handheld, (Has Been Heroes, & Tetris). The launch day games may be a bit lacking, but what system has really solid launch games?

The largest concern of mine is the tech and durability in the Joy-Cons. From interacting with other objects that are meant to snap together like that similar to phone cases, boxes, etc.. We know them to be at best, semi-reliable when repeating the action often. I am afraid that at some point, when I go to connect the Joy-Con to the Switch, or some other product, that the clips that are holding them together are going to break forcing me to go and purchase another Joy-Con, or god forbid a new Switch console.

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Nintendo of America)

Nintendo Switch seems extremely solid. The launch games, while limited titles, seem to be extremely strong. The amount of ways to play seem to be amazing. Being able to bring the console anywhere and play any console game seems a little too good to be true, but I am more than willing to give it a chance. Once it has been out a few months, and most of the launch issues have been resolved.

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