Marvel Entertainment And Square Enix Announce Multi-Game Project

Today in a simultaneous announcement, Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix announced that they are developing multiple games together, with the first game based around The Avengers.

The announcement came today at 10 AM EST, after both companies teased a big reveal just yesterday.



The trailer teases several heroes in some form of broken down state.  Thor’s hammer, a gauntlet of Iron Man, Captain America’s shield.  Then teases the hashtag #ReAssemble.

Development for the game is being done by Tomb Raider studio Crystal Dynamics as well as Deus Ex developer Eidos Montreal.

It will be interesting how they will handle the heroes.  Will they stick to the characters introduced in the existing Marvel movie universe?  Or will they be taking the route of the Ultimate Alliance games, and digging deep into the comics to pull the most interesting characters in their arsenal.  Over the past years, Marvel has been attempting to buy back all of the characters that it sold off early on in order to stay in business.  It has been successful in obtaining some, however others, such as the X-Men, and Fantastic Four, remain firmly out of reach. However their deal with Sony for Spider-Man has shown that while they may not own some heroes.  There may be room to use them in some manner.

Story is developing.

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