Nintendo Switch Accessories Leak

Nintendo Switch Accessories Leak

Nintendo is just under 48 hours away from what people are claiming to be one of the biggest events of the year, even though we are only 11 days into the new year. But unfortunately, it appears that they are getting a bit careless. Yesterday, Target may have unintentionally leaked the price point of the Nintendo Switch and today a user over at NeoGaf posted several pictures from HORI, a third party accessories manufacturer. These pictures appear to be from a presentation packet and show the concept designs for several key Nintendo Switch accessories such as the controller, skins for the Switch, a fighting joystick, and chargers.

Some of the more notable things from the leak are the joystick, which is tentatively set at 149.99 euros, a LAN adapter for 29.99 euros, and a controller that looks strikingly like the Xbox One controller.

Nintendo has had a bad few days now and hopefully this is the end of the leaks for them. They are set to unveil the Switch and more information during their Treehouse event Thursday 8pm Pacific/11pm Eastern.

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