Resident Evil 7 Add-on Coming Next Week

Resident Evil 7 Add-on Coming Next Week

Resident Evil 7 just released today, however if you have it for PS4 you are in for a treat. Next week Capcom is releasing Banned Footage Volume 1 and soon after, Volume 2. Both of these add-ons will include two missions and one new game mode. In Volume 1, you will receive two Bedroom challenges. The first one will have players try to escape quietly from a locked bedroom, while Nightmare will put you up against waves of enemies. The new mode is called “Ethan must die” and is a different experience outside the tapes and launch game.

The second add-on, called Daughters, will include a glimpse at the family prior to the main game. While 21 is a mission where you play cards with Lucas Bakker but instead of money you gamble body parts. Finally, Jack’s 55th Birthday will have you feed Jack tons of food which looks to be Capcom’s way of injecting some comic relief.


Banned Footage Volume 1 will be available on PS4 starting January 31st and Volume 2 will release on February 14th. Both packs will be releasing on Xbox and PC February 21st. Volume 1 and 2 will be free if you already own the season pass otherwise they will available for $10.


Let us know what you think of these add-ons and how quickly they are coming out. Keep an eye out for our review of Resident Evil 7. We have our leading expert on the series meticulously picking through the game and will have his thoughts up very soon. For everything you will ever need to know for Resident Evil stick close to Mammoth Gamers and follow us on Twitter @Mammoth_Gamers.

Mark Kriska

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