Terry Crews to Voice Overwatch Character?

Terry Crews to Voice Overwatch Character?

Overwatch has turned out to be a great success, getting several game of the year nods, gaining millions of players, and a ton of revenue for Blizzard.  In the game that keeps on giving, reports are stating that actor Terry Crews might get a chance to be the voice of a new character in the game.  Doomfist is apart of the Overwatch universe, as both a hero and a villain in that he is a character who has heralded a gigantic metal fist but by a couple of different people.  The first Doomfist was seemingly a hero, the second being a villain.  The third, who is thought to be the new playable character, is seeming to be a rebel against the world leaders in the Overwatch universe.  Curse Entertainment put together this nice “Doomfist Theory” video that you can get caught up with below:

Terry Crews is a big time actor from films such as White Chicks and TV shows like Brooklyn 99.  Hilarious in many of his roles, this would be an awesome Easter egg in the game knowing that one of its biggest fans would be voicing a brand new character.

This is all hearsay at this point but, Crews’ visit to Blizzard is only helping fuel the fire…


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