This Week’s Nintendo Treehouse Live Event Is One Of The Biggest In The Company’s History

This Week’s Nintendo Treehouse Live Event Is One Of The Biggest In The Company’s History

For Nintendo, 2016 would have been described by many to be somewhat of a roller coaster year.  From the continued success of the Nintendo 3DS handheld to the rise of Pokemon Go which was quickly followed by the fall of the company’s stock after the realization that Nintendo had no ownership of Pokemon. Nintendo is set to release technical details and information regarding their latest console, the Nintendo Switch. The console is set for a tentative release in March, and so far, we only have one trailer regarding the new console. There is quite a bit of excitement and hype behind the system and Nintendo holds all the cards in terms of how they want to present their latest system. With that being said, the January Nintendo Treehouse Event being held this week is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most important in the company’s history.

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The all-new Nintendo Switch

Rewinding back to 2011, Nintendo has held at least 40 Nintendo Directs; each varying in topics ranging from game updates to E3 presentations. They have ranged from hot to cold, long to short. But if there’s one way Nintendo can hit it out of the ballpark later this week, it is to surprise us with announcements related to the Nintendo Switch. The recent rumors that The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild being a launch title for the upcoming console have done nothing but engage hype for the new system. Anything less than an announcement that Breath Of The Wild will be released as a launch title would come as a disappointment to not only fans of The Legend Of Zelda, but also fans of Nintendo. The Switch needs a strong title at release and Zelda would be exactly that.

The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

Long lost titles would be nice to see at launch as well. It has been a long time since we have seen a new Metroid title. Metroid is a game that is loved by so many fans and what a better time for Nintendo to capitalize during their Nintendo Treehouse event and announce a new Metroid game set for the Switch’s launch.

But not just one game will make this a successful launch. There needs to be a strong overall lineup from not only Nintendo but also third party developers. Currently, the strongest titles that Nintendo has are IPs that the company produces themselves. This is okay in some regard but in order to have a stronger sense of success, I believe the company will need to have a strong third party support right from the start. Early signs indicate that the Switch will have full third party support which is a great sign. Full support from third parties will only help sales, increase growth for the company, and of course help the Nintendo Switch right from the start.

Initial third party support appears to be strong

The Nintendo Treehouse event will need to address the release date for the Switch as well as ensure the public that enough systems will be available. The last thing Nintendo wants on their record is another console shortage similar to what they are experiencing with the NES Classic Edition. The lack of not being able to supply enough consoles to meet demand has been extremely frustrating to many fans; some of whom have given up entirely on trying to find the classic system. This is an issue that must be addressed and avoided at all costs. The Nintendo Switch must have plenty of pre-orders for the public and plenty available through, and after, the initial launch. I believe it is imperative for the success of the system.

The near impossible to find NES Classic Edition

This week’s Nintendo Treehouse event has a lot of hype, excitement, and hope for the future of Nintendo and I, for one cannot wait to see what Nintendo is bringing to the table when it comes to the Nintendo Switch. However, I believe these items will need to be addressed in order to have maximum success and sustainability for the console and the company itself. We’ll have wall-to-wall coverage later this week on the Nintendo Treehouse Event. Be sure to check back to watch the event live right here and for more on the Nintendo Switch, keep it locked to Mammoth Gamers.

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