Hide From The Internet: Breath of the Wild Spoilers May Have Leaked

Hide From The Internet: Breath of the Wild Spoilers May Have Leaked

Breath of the Wild Spoilers do not follow.

There are few secrets in our Internet-fueled society. If someone wants to learn about you, you are only a few mouse clicks away. If a movie that came out fifty years ago is bad, there is in depth discussion of its faults somewhere. Should a celebrity take a suggestive photo, those rascals over at 4chan will track it down. And if you are The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, your unannounced details will be torn from your elf-like body and held high for all the Internet to see.

How significant the leaked details are seems to be up for debate. Without going into detail, some users seem to think the leaked items have no significance whatsoever, while others suspect they are suggestive of significant plot points and character appearances. The reveals seem to have begun with 4chan and spread to social networks and Reddit from there. If you hope to experience Breath of the Wild with minimal knowledge of the title, it may be wise to stay away from certain corners of the internet, and avoid discussions of the upcoming game. But for those who are desperate for any tidbits of information and don’t mind potential Breath of the Wild spoilers: you may want to spend a little time browsing the Zelda subreddit. It’s not all spoilers and screenshots, but if you dig around enough you are bound to run into something.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be launching alongside the Nintendo Switch on March 3rd. The title will be available on both WIIU and Switch, and will have continued support through DLC by way of a $19.99 season pass.


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