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For Honor Season Pass and DLC Info

by on February 2, 2017

Ubisoft has confirmed the details for the For Honor season pass and post launch updates with a video.



The season pass, which will be included with the Gold Edition of the game, will include access to six new heroes with a one week early access as they are released.  In addition, it will include the Day One War Pack.  This features three exclusive emblems, a sunbeam effect for all emotes, three scavenger crates and 30 days of Champion Status.  Champion Status provides an xp boost from crafting as well as more end of match loot, and the ability to give xp boosts to friends.

The six new heroes will be released in sets of two after each completed season of “War of the Factions.”  These heroes will be purchasable by all players with the in-game currency.  Also indicated in the video is how future updates will affect the game.  Each season will add two new maps for free for all players.  Free updates will add progression levels to each hero, allowing for greater customization and build options.

Announced to be arriving later this year are two new gameplay modes, tournaments and ranked play.  
For Honor launches on February 14th, with an open beta beginning on February 9th.

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