LEGO: Dungeon Master brings Tabletop RPGs to LEGO

Update 2:

After reaching 10,000 supporters, the idea is officially being reviewed by LEGO.


As of Thursday February 16th, LEGO: Dungeon Master has reached 10,000 supporters and is going to be reviewed by LEGO.  Original story is below


Original story:

Lego are a thing that everyone from a small child to an older adult can enjoy.  They encourage creativity and are only limited by your imagination.  For this reason, they are often used as a less expensive alternative for tabletop games; allowing people to create full adventures easily and then simply tear them down at the end.

However, on the Lego Idea’s page, one user has taken things a step further.  He has brought about the idea for a dedicated Lego Set for Tabletop game simply dubbed, Dungeon Master.

As it sits right now, there are several companies that create modular parts for you to create 3D rooms and dungeons, you are able to put together as you play,  and rearrange them as needed.  These pieces are usually so highly priced that only the most dedicated Game Masters will purchase and use them.

Well User Ymarilego has come up with the perfect solution… Lego.  His concept is simple;t you take something that is already designed to be taken apart, and put back together. It states:

With this set you can create your own dungeons and lairs for the heroes to investigate. There are dozens of possible layouts and setups. You can place the rooms in any sequence desired to create the lair you like.”

He also provides various technical details regarding the walls, and room dimensions, which are important to anyone who has ever created a tabletop map.  He also gives us a look at the playability, saying that:

“Given the countless options in layouts many adventures can be created. The set is also easily extendable by creating your own rooms and lairs. The mini figures offer many play options. There have been quite a few mini figure series that would fit very well with this set and can be easily integrated in the stories.”

Legos could very well be one possible future for tabletop gaming.  They are inexpensive, easy to put together and are fun for all ages.  As of the writing of this article, he is 9,000 supporters from reaching a goal of 10,000 where it will be reviewed by Lego with the possibility of ending up in stores.

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