Has Nintendo Found a New Handheld?

Nintendo has always dominated the handheld market, and with their smart phone plan it is no different. With the success of Miitomo, Super Mario Run, and the most recent Fire Emblem Heroes Nintendo is not slowing down with the concept of a Nintendo Handheld. In a recent interview with the President of Nintendo Tatsumi Kimiahima it was revealed that Nintendo plans on releasing two to three mobile games per year. This is on par with what has already been going on at the Japanese mega company. The iOS App Store and Google Play Store have been flooded with horrible shovelware games and Nintendo seems to be trying to clean up this marketplace by releasing high quality games. However there is still a high chance that Nintendo will fall into the app store wormhole and sacrifice quality for quantity. This is something I hope does not happen. With these big Nintendo IP’s, including Pokemon GO, Nintendo has proved there is an untapped market of gamers who weren’t good games on their mobile device. This has become so prevalent that even Sony is looking into bringing their PlayStation IPs to mobile in a meaningful way. Uncharted: Fortune Hunter is a puzzle style game based on their hit series Uncharted. It is unknown what’s next for Sony or Nintendo in the mobile market, or if Nintendo’s mobile plan will affect the new Switch in any way. However, I’m sure we’ll know soon.

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Mark Kriska is a journalist for Mammoth Gamers. He plays primarily on PlayStation but also plays on Xbox and Nintendo systems. Mark is an all around nerd and if he is not playing games he's watching sports, movies, or TV and if all else fails enjoying a nice book or comic.