In Sickness and Undead: The Santa Clarita Diet

In Sickness and Undead: The Santa Clarita Diet

Networks seem saturated with series depicting zombies these days. It ranges from always after you like the zombies in The Walking Dead to a zombie who still has their humanity like iZombie. Netflix has decided to dive into that pool and explore an interesting twist on being a zombie with their new series The Santa Clarita Diet.

In this series we follow the lives of Joel, played by Timothy Olyphant (Justified) and his wife Sheila played by Drew Barrymore. They are a married couple who are also realtors in sunny California. Shelia, through an unknown cause winds up turning into a zombie which changes her from dull and boring into an energetic, aggressive, speaks what’s on her mind type of person. Everything seems to be fine as Sheila eats raw meat to control her hunger but once she gets a taste of human flesh her seemingly controlled and normal life style becomes a bit more complicated. Sheila needs fresh human in order to survive and they will have to kill to get it.

Olyphant who is a powerhouse in this series. In his role as Joel he is the supportive husband who seems always on the very edge of a complete and total nervous breakdown as chaos ensues. Adding to the fun is Liv Hewson who plays their daughter Abby – a teenager who now is questioning everything about her life because her mother is now a zombie.

I am pleased that the series does something different from other sitcoms. It gives amazing character development and follows other story lines of the characters involved and not just following the main arc. The themes at heart of the series is love, marriage, and family even if one of them is a zombie.

This series had me laughing each and every episode with its dialogue, and the situations everyone winds up in. It truly is a gem to binge watch and something you cannot wait to see what happens next.

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