Xbox Game Pass Has Been Announced

Xbox Game Pass Has Been Announced

Xbox has announced a new game service that will be arriving this spring. Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service for $9.99 that is separate to Xbox LIVE Gold. This service is similar to PlayStation Now, with a few key differences. Xbox Gold members will have first access to the service when it launches this spring, and along with your normal Gold discounts you will also get a new set of discounts with the Game Pass. Another difference between PSNow and XGP is download play. With PSNow you stream games to your console, however with XGP you download the game so the game is not hindered by bad or even lack of Internet.

PlayStation Now

PlayStation offers a one month subscription for $19.99 and a three month plan for $44.99, with periodic sales that offer the year for $99.99. This is a very black and white price. PSNow only offers PS3 games to experience, this is how PS4 becomes backwards capable. If a player has more than three PS3 games they want to play then $19.99 price is a very fair price, however the moment you stop caring about the service it becomes wildly expensive. Now Microsoft has now found a way to combat this by also offering Xbox One games with the service. With XGP on your Xbox One you get to choose from over 100 games from Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Xbox Game Pass is priced similarly at $9.99 and the service is much better than PSNow at the start, however some strange things have been happening with PSNow if the past few weeks. Sony announced that the only platforms that will be supporting PSNow will be PC and PS4. This tells me PS4 games will making an appearance to this service. This will make both PSNow and Xbox Game Pass very similar, separated only by the fact that PSNow streams and XGP will download the game to your hard drive.

Xbox Game Pass

Regardless of the platform you play on it seems there will soon be a great new low price option to experience games you might have been on the fence about. Gamefly will soon have some major competition, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you soon saw a change on how they did things as well, maybe a digital service or something even different. Regardless they will have to change to compete with Xbox Game Pass, and PlayStation Now, if PSNow changes the way I feel they will. For more news of streaming game service keep your eyes peeled for Mammoths.

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