Has Anyone Noticed the Switch Colors?

Has Anyone Noticed the Switch Colors?

The Nintendo Switch has been a known quantity for a while now, and it will be releasing very soon. Despite this, I am just now understanding the significance of the “neon” Switch colors. When I first saw the red and blue monstrosity, I laughed and said “Who would want that? It looks ridiculous.” But I get it now, and it’s cleverer than I gave Nintendo credit for.

I’m certain a lot of people have already noticed, but I thought I would write it up anyway for those who haven’t. The “neon” Switch is a grey console, with one red, and one blue Joy-Con. Red and Blue. Nintendo handheld (red, 3DS), and Nintendo console (blue, Wii, WiiU). The color choice is symbolic of a unifying of console and handheld, perfect for the hybrid platform they’ve created. It’s not the most insightful observation, but it made what was an ugly version of a console to me make sense, and even be a kind of beautiful thing.

I still won’t buy the “neon” Switch. Or any future Switch Colors. I like my consoles to be dark and dull, like a Seattle coffee shop with modern-minimalist decor. But I won’t chuckle when someone tells me they want the “neon” Switch anymore. Smile and lightly scoff internally while holding my clearly superior grey switch? Maybe. But I won’t be visibly judging anyone.

The Nintendo Switch will be releasing Friday, March 3rd for $299.99


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