Avengers Academy: Top 4 Reasons to Play

Avengers Academy: Top 4 Reasons to Play

Avengers Academy

Avengers Academy

Avengers Academy is a free Marvel mobile game made up of time management, fourth wall breaks, and an original take on the otherwise well steeped characters and lore of the Marvel universe. I’ve been playing this gem of a title since launch on a near daily basis. It’s held my attention like few games, mobile or otherwise, ever have. I’ve participated in every event, set alarms for the middle of the night to complete limited time challenges, and arranged important business meetings with coworkers who play to make event based spreadsheets. What can I say? I’m invested.

With TinyCo’s tap-tastic Marvel adventure game having just celebrated its one year anniversary I thought it would be a good time to give potential new players a primer into what they’re missing. Here are four reasons to download Avengers Academy and start filling out your squad of Super Hero students and their villainous counterparts as they juggle campus life, saving the world, and finding out exactly what Principal Nick Fury is hiding!

4. The Story – Have you ever found yourself furiously tapping your screen to get past in-game text? Often times in mobile games all those words can feel like fluff when you just want to get to the meat of your objective. In the case of Avengers Academy you’ll want to enjoy the witty banter between students and faculty. The base story is centered around the ambiguous Timefog that looms around the school. Iron Man, Wasp, and Loki know that there’s something not quite right about it and there are various hints that show that maybe this isn’t the first time they’ve been there before.

Consulting the two adults on campus, Director turned Principal Nick Fury and Scientist Supreme Hank Pym, leaves them with more questions than answers. Completing timed missions, leveling and unlocking new heroes, gaining new outfits, and taking part in themed events fills in more pieces of the puzzle as you go and provides new content on a regular basis.

3. The Dialogue – Snark, sass, and fourth wall breaks make up the majority of exchanges in Avengers Academy. There’s plenty of fodder and tropes for fan fiction lovers to swoon over, but there are just as many nods to both the comic and cinematic Marvel universes. At the same time the game is charmingly aware of it’s own silliness. Early on in the game’s release fans online continuously called out the fact that Loki’s missions seemed to be in an eternal loop of him dancing at Club A in 2 hour stints. Having heard the fan base loud and clear, that loop eventually got resolved and we now see occasional bits of dialogue pop up where Loki boasts about how he’s burdened with glorious dance moves!

Avengers Academy Mobile

2. The Cast – When you first start playing, it can very briefly feel like there’s nothing to do as you only have a few characters to send out on missions. Have no fear! There is more to gain as you level. Premium characters to purchase, and often multiple events a month that include recruitable fan favorites. During the Civil War event fans were given the chance to get an early unlock of the Winter Soldier; an emo musician with a bad memory who writes songs about how great Captain America is. While the Gamma Attack event gave us our first chance at adding Red Hulk and Abomination to our roster.

Eventually you’ll hit the point where you have too many characters. Each have their own story lines and need to be leveled up individually. To top it off the majority of students in Avengers Academy are full of peppy one liners that are voiced by actors, YouTubers, and even the unseeable John Cena who lends his vocal talents to the Hulk. If you’re only familiar with Marvel movies, you’ll recognize a good majority of the students. If you’re versed in Marvel beyond that you’re sure to appreciate appearances from the likes of Tigra, Union Jack, Singularity, Taskmaster, Kate Bishop, and many other faces that have graced the pages of comic books.

1. The Reimagining of Characters – One of the most entertaining aspects of meeting new characters on campus is seeing how they’ve been reimagined to fit into their awkward late teen early twenty something year old selves. When you first meet the characters of Avengers Academy they’ve yet to do all the things that make them who they are to us. For example, we find an Iron Man helmet in the Timefog well before Tony Stark has ever built a suit of armor. HYDRA and AIM have competing schools rather than full blown evil organizations.

The creators have done an amazing job at giving everyone looks, personalities, and hobbies that are reminiscent of their classic adaptations. This makes all of the characters completely fresh and unique to the universe that the game is based in. Wasp is a fashionista with a clothing shop of her own where everyone on campus gets outfitted, she also has regular missions where she roams campus and takes selfies. Tony Stark has a passion for robots and a mini fridge full of not booze, but cheese. Steve Rogers thinks training is the only way to be the best at what you do. Which explains his 8 hour dance missions! He also despises Tony’s desire to mechanize everything. Loki gives anything with a pulse a pet name because he’s a brat and can’t be bothered to give anyone his full attention.

If you’ve ever been a consumer of Marvel related things this is a mobile game worthy of a download. The game is based on a freemium structure. You don’t have to pay to win, but you may find yourself inclined to drop a few dollars. Even premium decorations to spice up your campus can be tempting to buy. In the game’s early days it was plagued with plenty of frustrations, but TinyCo has proven to be very attentive to their player base by incorporating fan feedback and tacking on new content regularly. Avengers Academy is challenging, clever, and chock full of easter eggs that keep you entertained and engaged.

You can download Avengers Academy on both iOS and Android devices here.

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