Six Classic Disney Games Are Getting Unvaulted in the Disney Afternoon Collection

Six Classic Disney Games Are Getting Unvaulted in the Disney Afternoon Collection

I don’t think that Disney cares enough about games or their history with them to “vault” and “un-vault” some of the classics they’ve produced, but if they did, The Disney Afternoon Collection would be the company’s biggest un-vaulting yet. Capcom announced today that six of Disney’s classics will be released next month in a single collection, with titles spanning familiar franchises from the 80’s and 90’s. The titles in the Disney Afternoon collection will include:

Disney Afternoon Collection

Many of these titles released on other platforms as well, but the NES versions are likely the most familiar to players, and will probably be the source of the ports for this collection. All of the games were developed by Capcom, who are also publishing the Disney Afternoon Collection. Each game will be an improved HD version of the originals, with each game getting pixel filtering options as well as Boss Rush and Time Attack modes.

Duck Tales is a somewhat surprising inclusion given the 2013 remaster of the game, but middling review scores may have driven them to include the original. The focus on NES titles leads me to believe this may not be the last collection we will see, assuming the more varied developers of later SNES and Genesis titles can license their work for future collections. The Disney Afternoon Collection will be available on April 18th as a digital download for $19.99 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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