First Look At Absolver – PAX East 2017

First Look At Absolver – PAX East 2017

For many years any fan of martial arts has always gotten into great discussions over who’s kung fu was better than the other’s kung fu. With Absolver from Sloclap Studios we can now test who is the true master. Absolver is a hand to hand combat game that’s online and puts a true dedication to the combat system. Each encounter felt more like a chess match than it did a fighting game. While Absolver is visually impressive it is the detail in the ways the characters move as fluid like a glass of water that makes it truly impressive.

Absolver allows you to create and play to your own catered fighting style and gave me 3 different class types to choose from. In the beginning the game holds your hands adding more moves to your arsenal. You have you light attack, heavy attack, and typical dodges. Where the game takes off from there is in addition to that the game will chain together your stances. You have 4 different diagonal stances that your character can shift between and all your moves can have stance changes allowing you to combo different attacks altogether. It is up to you the player to mix and match the different stances and attacks available to you in order to create the most lethal fighting style suited to you. There are also weapons and abilities that you can use, for the demo I was given a sword that I could summon after a certain cool down that allowed me to land more devastating attacks. However, this also meant that my attacks were slower, and I could also get my weapon disarmed allowing my opponent to take the advantage on me if they pick it up. Hand to hand is still the most effective way to fight, but there is a double edged sword for those wanting to attack a bit harder.

Learning new attacks comes from watching your opponents fight and try to land blows on you. As you see other attacks you keep track of that knowledge and should you successfully be able to defeat your opponent than you will be able to keep that experience. Once you have witnessed the attack enough you will be able to use it for yourself.

Combat is smooth and not always a 1 on 1 encounter. You need to make sure that you pick your targets correctly and plan everything out before you quickly get overwhelmed. Even against just 1 opponent you can still get your ass handed to you if you’re not careful. There aren’t just many different ways that you can attack your opponent but also ways that you can defend yourself and set yourself up for an offensive attack.


You have your dodge, but you can also do a quicker side stepping dodge. You get to choose to move up, down, left, or right to make for a quicker dodge and counterattack. If you are able to time your attacks correctly, they will speed up by hitting the next attack button at the moment that you land your current attack. You will be able to gain back some stamina as well.

I was not able to test it at the convention however the game will support online PVP for those who want to test their kung fu against another’s kung fu. When the game comes out I fully expect that the community will spend countless hours trying to mix, match, and chain their attacks in order to be the most lethal opponent.

Justin (Swift) Brunelle is a hardcore gamer of all types on a quest to beat all games of any genre. Most often found entertaining people on his Twitch with drinking, swearing, and great gameplay. He finds a home here at mammoth to express himself through other means with writing and podcasts.